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Using Custom Wallpaper Murals for Your Business

Aug 3rd, 2020

A basic or neutral look may become bland at your business. To better brand your company and capture its culture, consider a custom wallpaper mural. Today’s consumers value creativity and uniqueness in a company, which is exactly what a custom wallpaper mural can offer. It not only brings positive energy to your company, but it can also make a lasting impact on your guests and visitors.

How to use custom wallpaper murals for your business?

What are custom wallpaper murals?

Custom wallpaper murals are a type of wall decor that combines the aesthetics of murals with full-size wallpaper. This allows them to be a unique form of decoration that can be custom made for each customer.

These murals can be a single image, a series of repetitive designs, or a pattern. However, unlike traditional wallpaper, custom wallpaper murals are installed as panels rather than rolls.

They are ideal for a feature wall, and most custom wallpaper murals only appear on a single wall in the space. Because of their size, these murals are best suited for mid-sized to larger rooms. This is so the viewer has the opportunity to take in the full visual, which is harder to do in a smaller sized room.

Because of their diversity, custom wallpaper murals are a good fit for a variety of businesses and commercial spaces.

Benefits of Wallpaper Murals

Creating a customized look for your space can mean some positive differences for your business. Here are some of the benefits of opting for a customized wallpaper mural for your space:

  • First impression: Wallpaper murals are eye-catching and can leave a lasting impression on your guests and visitors.
  • Branding: Nothing adds personality to a room like a wallpaper mural. Because of the diversity of visuals available, you can use a wall mural as a branding tool for your company.
  • Fits anywhere: Wallpaper murals can be customized to fit into any space, which means you can specify the dimensions you need for your space.
  • Versatile: Painting walls can take a long time. However, wallpaper murals can usually be installed in a short amount of time. That means you can get back to business quicker.
  • Easy to remove: Another benefit of using wallpaper murals is how easily they can be removed. This makes it simpler to change the look of your space whenever you want.
  • Customizable: Wallpaper murals allow you to be as creative as you want. You can customize the style, design, size, and colour. Use your logo, an inspirational quote, or photo to make your space stand out.
  • Hide stains or defects: Walls are not always perfect and smooth, and paint cannot hide some of the flaws in your space. Using a wallpaper mural can hide old stains or defects in the architecture.
  • Easy to clean: Keeping your wallpaper mural looking its best is simple. You just need to wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth or soapy water. There’s no need to scrub, as this can damage the mural.

What Wallpaper Murals Can Do for Your Business

Custom wallpaper murals allow you to create a space that will wow your visitors and guests. They can transform an ordinary wall into a showpiece and can create new energy at your workplace.

Regardless of your business, a wallpaper mural can help create a unique space. From office space to a restaurant dining room to a hotel lobby to a gym or auditorium, using a custom wallpaper mural can make your commercial space stand out.

Branding is one of the biggest benefits of opting to decorate with a custom wallpaper mural. By creating a customized look with your wall, you can further promote the personality of your organization. For example, clothing stores can customize murals of models wearing your own brand.

Tips to Create the Right Wallpaper Mural for Your Business

When it comes to creating the right custom wallpaper mural for your business, there are some things that you should consider, including:

  • Quotes: A custom wallpaper mural doesn’t have to be an image or pattern; it can also be made of words. That means you can opt to display your company name, motto, principles, or even an inspirational quote. You can also add your company logo to the mural. Another option is to use an image with a powerful piece of text to create your one-of-a-kind wallpaper mural.
  • Size: Custom wallpaper murals can come in different sizes so they best fit in the space that you have, meaning you can get the mural made in the correct dimensions for your wall space. This helps customers alter the size of the wallpaper depending on their own space, rather than have to adapt to a one-size-fits-all model.
  • Colour: Wallpaper murals can also come in different colours. You may want a black and white image or one that is grey with small splashes of colour. When it comes to changing the colours of your wallpaper mural, you can create the right mix to fit into your space. You can even use different colours to create emotions in your guests or visitors. For example, using brighter colours can create positive emotions, while other cooler colours can create a calming atmosphere.
  • Photos: One of the advantages of creating your wallpaper mural is that you can use your own photographs. This ensures that you have a unique visual to display that captures the message you want to send to your visitors and guests. Using your own photo turns the process into a collaboration between you and your professional printer.


Remember that customers and guests visit your business for more than the service you provide. They look for the right atmosphere and style. A customized wallpaper mural can convey your brand, personality, and style. It can be the difference between a bland space and one that creates a unique atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression.

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