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The Benefits of Office Wall Murals for Corporate and Small Businesses

Mar 19th, 2019

For the longest time, dull, gray cubicles, erected in a grid-like pattern, were the norm in most corporate offices. Fluorescent, dim lighting would “flood” a typical office space, much to the chagrin of the employees working there. However, the days of depressing and stuffy office environments are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more companies are taking a page out of Google and Facebook’s design plans to create vibrant office spaces. In other words, the goal is to design offices that are less corporate or formal, teeming with colourful decor, as well as embracing open office designs that have become a la mode today.

Benefits of Office Wall Murals for Corporate and Small Businesses

In fact, one of the ways to invigorate and illuminate an office is to erect an office wall mural. The end goal is to brighten up an office area with bright and bold colours, and many companies, including BIC, Sumo Digital, Twitter, and Leo Burnett have added office wall murals to their offices. Here, we discuss some of the benefits of office wall murals for corporate and small businesses, as well as provide some ideas that may help you pick the ideal office wall mural for your office space.

Boost Employee Morale

Many workplace experts agree that a happy employee is not only a productive employee, but a loyal employee as well. With many companies laying off their staff to cut costs, and outsourcing and employee turnover quickly becoming the norm in certain industries, some experts argue that employee morale has reached record lows in some companies. Many employees, particularly those who work in cubicles, are often forced to literally stare at dull, gray, and lifeless walls while they work. However, you can infuse some panache and zest into an office by creating a custom wall mural that is both creative and colourful.

As such, whenever your employees gaze at the mural, they will feel invigorated and inspired to be more creative and to work harder as well. In sum, the goal is to foster an open environment that encourages creativity, transparency, integrity, and cooperation, and designing an exciting and new office mural can serve as an effective means to boost both employee loyalty and productivity.

Reinforce Corporate Branding and Identity

In 2019, nurturing and creating a brand identity has never been more important, not only to remain profitable, but to also obtain an edge over your myriad competitors. By creating a wall mural that is unique and that speaks to the unique goals and values of your business, you can help reinforce the branding and identity of your company. For instance, erecting a customized office wall mural, as well as transforming your office space with an office decor makeover, can create a more welcoming environment for both your employees as well as visitors and potential investors.

It may not seem like much, but something as simple as adding a custom wall mural can help with creating new partnerships and even help with recruiting. Given the fact that humans are visual creatures, and that many behavioural psychology experts believe that it only takes a few seconds for a person to make a good (or bad) impression, you can use your office mural to serve as a magnificent centerpiece that showcases the branding and identity of your company.

Take Full Advantage of the Clout of Colour Theory

Studies have shown that using different colour schemes, gradients, and shades can have a profound or marked influence on a person’s mood and even their behaviours. As such, you can emphasize colours in your office wall mural that elicit positive emotions. For instance, yellow can have a calming or serene effect, while baby blue can also have a warm and tranquillizing effect on your employees. From calmness and balance to creativity and excitement, there are a cornucopia of different moods or emotions that you can help foster by taking full advantage of the power of colour theory when you design your custom office wall mural.

How to Pick the Best Office Wall Mural

To begin, you need to determine what you want your office wall mural to accomplish. You may also have logistical or spatial restraints that you will have to deal with. For instance, if you have a spacious office with an open space layout, then you may want to consider erecting multiple office wall murals at designated hotspots or focal points. In any event, the general rule of thumb is to place office wall murals near foyers or entryways, as they are ideal spots for emphasizing company mission statements, branding, and logos. This will help establish the corporate identity of your enterprise to visitors as well as new workers.

Moreover, bullpens, cafeterias, and primary office spaces can serve as ideal areas to erect office wall murals if the goal is to boost productivity and employee morale and mood. As for break rooms, you can set up an office wall mural so that employees taking a break from work can relax and decompress while looking at calm colours. In sum, the design that you end up going with will be largely determined by the identity and culture of your business. Mission statements and logos should be emphasized, and large illustrations and collages can help you illustrate your business goals. You can even create a sense of openness and space via trompe-l’oeil illustrations and faux-windows if you wish.

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