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Using Decals for Your Business

Jun 12th, 2019

Banner signage is big business, as more and more companies take advantage of the medium to help generate brand awareness and bring in more customers. In fact, wall and window decals have grown in their use over the last few years, and are considered a growing trend in Toronto according to many marketing gurus.

Decals for Your Business

Decals are sometimes referred to as stickers or window or wall graphics, and serve as a professional and easy way for companies to change the aesthetics of their interior workspace. Window and wall decals can also be affixed to virtually any surface; including, but not limited to, laminate, glass, conventional painted, and wood painted walls. Here, we will discuss some of the creative ways that you can use decals for your business.

Motivate Your Staff

You can use decals to help motivate your staff to be the best employee they can be. Motivational quotes can be placed on the walls of your business in order to inspire your team to work harder. In addition, if you are planning on using decals to help galvanize your workforce and improve their work ethic then we would suggest that you use vinyl lettering for your decals, as these are very effective at decorating a bare wall and at conveying messages that are inspirational and compelling.

Add Colour

You can use decals to quickly and easily turn a wall that was blank into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. In other words, wall decals can be seen as an alternative means to add much-needed colour to a lifeless wall. You can add words to your workspace or perhaps mix them with a few colourful and zany images to ingest some creative flair to the wall. You can also purchase customized vinyl wall decals to create a workspace that is visually vibrant and infused with rejuvenating energy.

Display Your Logos

It goes without saying that brand identity and logos go hand in hand. Also, why not go beyond simply displaying your company’s logo on stationary or business cards? For instance, you can display your company’s logo on your glass doors, interior walls, or other related spaces in your business in order to make a bold statement.

Advertise Business Hours

A vinyl decal that is clear in nature will serve a clear and pragmatic purpose; namely to inform both your customers and prospective clients of information they will need in order to make an informed decision. You can use a clear vinyl decal to inform clients and prospects of your company’s operating hours, and you can affix them to the front door of your office or store or place them on your windows if you would prefer.

Prevent Permanent Damage

Nailing several nails in your walls will not only take time and effort but will also cause irreversible damage to your walls. As for wallpaper, you will likely have to deal with unsightly wallpaper residue after you have removed it, which is an eyesore that you will want to avoid. The good news is you can avoid having to deal with wallpaper residue or permanent holes in your walls by using removable wall decals instead.

However, they must be applied in the proper fashion. One of the advantages of adhesive-based decals is that they won’t leave behind any residue once they are removed. Adhesive wall decals will not only keep your walls damage free and immaculate in their appearance, but will also allow you to say sayonara to sticky patterns, nails, and screws forever.

Save Money on Business Makeovers

If you are thinking of giving your business a makeover then decals are an ideal solution to help turn your vision into a reality. You can save thousands of dollars that would have gone towards a full office renovation with removable wall decals that only cost a fraction of the price.

What’s more, if you don’t like what you see, you can quickly change up the appearance of your office by replacing the wall decals with a brand new set instead of having to call your renovation team in order to start from scratch

There are a myriad of ways vinyl wall decals can help enhance your profit margins as well as your company’s brand awareness. From cutting costs to helping motivate staff, wall decals are a quick, easy, versatile, and affordable way to help spruce up your interior office space, market your brands, and flex your creative muscles.

To learn more ways of using decals to spruce up your business, call Club Ink at 416-694-1996 or contact us here.

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