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Tips for Long Lasting Printed Banners

Dec 10th, 2018

Postal service workers are no longer the only ones that need to provide exceptional delivery service through rain, wind, and other climatic obstacles. Today, sign makers that manufacture printed banners are also held to the very same standards, and must deliver high quality printed banners to their customers that will last a long time in order to remain viable. Here, we provide tips for banner printing companies that will help them provide exceptional value for their clients by creating long-lasting banners.

 Long Lasting Printed Banners

Select the Right Inks and Materials

Choosing the right material is paramount in order to have long lasting printed banners. For short-term banners, going with 12 ounces of material (or less) may be acceptable, but long-term banners will need heavy duty material in order to withstand the elements and the ravages of time.

As such, you will need to increase the amount of material to between 13 and 15 ounces in order to meet the necessary requirements. In fact, you can go even further—up to 18 ounces of material, if you want—but the cost effectiveness will likely be compromised if you go beyond 15 ounces in most cases.

The selection of ink is also something that should not be underestimated. Today, many clients opt for photography implementation in their banners. As such, companies must utilize inks that help generate photorealistic quality that will also endure for long periods of time. For instance, many companies today use a variety of ultraviolet ink brands because they will help increase the longevity of high resolution photos as well as banner lettering.

Selecting the Right Equipment

You can increase efficiency by choosing the best equipment for the job. There are many options currently available on the market that can be used to produce long lasting printed banners with relative ease, without compromising quality. For instance, some models allow sign makers to produce contour and print-cut photorealistic printing up to 1440 dpi. Some banners will last as long as three years in the outdoors. However, we would recommend that you laminate your banners for certain applications, as well as to help further withstand environmental conditions.

There are also entry-level inkjet printers that are capable of printing durable graphics via media and 3M inks. These banners are designed for the outdoors, and companies that use these printers can offer a three-year durability warranty on their printed banners if they are sold as is, or a durability warranty of up to five years if the client wants the signs to be laminated. Evidently, as entry-level inkjet printers are considered more affordable, the quality won’t be as high as some of the high-end printers. As such, the dpi may hit an apparent 600 dpi, with an addressable 360 dpi resolution with six-colour printing options.

Wind Protection

For most professional sign makers, weatherproofing will prove to be their biggest challenge. In fact, wind issues can often be a bigger issue than sun problems. For instance, a powerful storm can generate wind gusts of up to 200 kilometers per hour. As such, a 40 to 80 inch banner can be impacted by up to 100,000 pounds of intense pressure.

Having the correct types of fasteners, however, can help mitigate this issue. Having reinforced corners on the banners is essential to proper weatherproofing. The grommets must also be put through them so that the wind won’t rip the grommets out. Moreover, you can increase the flow of wind by cutting several wind pockets.

These half circles can help save a banner from harsh winds, and, at the very least, will help prolong the lifespan of your banners. Also, if you decide to cut several wind circles, then ensure that the wind pockets aren’t placed in the center of the letter. If you do, then the letter may be distorted, which may affect the impact of the message that your client wishes to convey to their prospective customers.

UV Protection

Sun exposure will also reduce the lifespan of your printed banners, so you need to prepare in advance. One way to protect your banners from the sun is to laminate them. Another way to protect your banners is to print them using UV inks. However, perhaps the most important factor when it comes to UV protection is the direction that the banner will be facing. We would recommend that you place the signs facing north, as it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. If you position the sign facing south, then the direct exposure will erode it far quicker. Even the altitude of the sign can affect its lifespan, so if you live in a part of Canada that gets maximum sun exposure, then your sign will likely not last as long as erecting it in an area with reduced sun exposure.

The Club Ink Difference

We hope we have provided you with sufficient tips for long-lasting printed banners for your establishment. If you would like to learn more about banner printing or banner printing technologies, then please do not hesitate to call us at 416-694-1996. With several decades of experience in the printing industry, we are strongly committed to going above and beyond the call of duty to not only foster customer satisfaction but also customer delight.

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