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Common Materials Used for Making Vinyl Banners

Jan 14th, 2019

Simply by looking around you will likely notice several banners as well as vinyl signs. They are all around us, and are commonly used around the world in order to promote an upcoming event or an exciting new promotion. Vinyl banners are built to last, and can display high resolution colours that many businesses can take advantage of in order to promote their companies or brands.

Thing used for producing vinyl banners

They can also be fully customized, using a myriad of different colours, designs, and logos, and can work equally well indoors as well as for outdoor promotions. As such, vinyl banners are commonly used by government agencies, sports teams, corporate entities, and other establishments and institutions for advertising reasons. However, before a vinyl banner goes through its final application it will usually go through an intricate and very specific process. Below, we breakdown the most common materials that are used in order to manufacture vinyl banners in Toronto.

Combining Materials

Most vinyl banners manufactured in Toronto will use more than one material. Most are made using an amalgamation of different materials in order to boost their visual appeal as well as their durability. As vinyl banners must be designed to deal with the 4 seasons in Toronto, as well as heat waves and cold spells, the materials used must be premium grade in order for vinyl banners to last. Generally speaking, most vinyl banners are made with 2 main materials.

Scrim and Vinyl

Most vinyl banners are made using a combination of vinyl as well as scrim. Scrim is a form of mesh that is actually made with polyester. Scrim is used in order to reinforce the banner. Having a higher fibre density will help increase the strength and durability of the banner. The higher fiber density also has another benefit, as it will not only augment strength but also create a finish on the banner that is very smooth.

Polymeric and Monomeric Variants

As for the vinyl, is is generally used when it is in a liquid form. Moreover, in order to enhance the flexibility of the banner, printing companies will often add a plasticizer to the mix. In regards to plasticizer and vinyl banners, the two most common forms of plasticizer used in the vinyl banner printing industry are polymeric and monomeric plasticizers. Monomeric plasticizers are actually designed for vinyl banners with a shorter life cycle:This is because they disintegrate faster than polymeric plasticizers.

Polymeric plasticizers, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the elements in Toronto, and are built to last. The flexibility of the banner material will also be enhanced when polymeric plasticizers are used. Evidently, because polymeric plasticizers last longer and promote greater flexibility than their plasticizer counterpart, they tend to cost more; so determining what, and for how long, you will be using your vinyl banner for should be your number one priority before you decide on which plasticizer variant to go with. If in doubt, please speak to your digital printing company in order to obtain some professional advice.

Lamination Versus Coating/Dipping

Vinyl banners can be manufactured using the aforementioned materials in a multitude of different ways. For instance, some vinyl banners are made by coating or dipping the mesh made with polyester wth a vinyl mix that is heated to high temperatures. Another common method involves using 2 vinyl sheets on either side in order to laminate the mesh. Deciding on which manufacturing method to go with can be difficult, but there is a way to simply the choice. That is, if quality is your number on priority, then we would suggest you opt for the coating or dipping technique; because the end result will be a higher quality banner that may attract more clients.

However, if reducing your costs is your number one priority then lamination is your best choice; as it is cheaper than the the coating/dipping method. Lamination is ideal for short-term, or one-off banners that you don’t intend for using for long, or plan on replacing in the not too distant future. As for vinyl banners that are coated or dipped, they may have a higher upfront cost, but they may attract more customers in the long run due to their eye-catching visuals, so they may end up generating more revenue in the long-term.

Printing Vinyl Banners

The next step in vinyl banners involves the actual printing of the banners. Options currently available on the market for businesses include vinyl lettering, painting, screen printing, and large format inkjet printing. Moreover, in order to facilitate hanging, grommets and pockets can be added to the vinyl banners structure. In sum, there are many vinyl banners available on the market to cater to the needs of a variety of different businesses; including, but not limited to, retractable banners, banner stands, trade show banners, billboards, table banners, and more. Having a top of the line vinyl banner can help attract new customers to your business and allow you to have a competitive edge over your competitors by boosting brand awareness.

The Club Ink Difference

If you would like to learn more about vinyl printing or would like to procure cutting edge vinyl printing services then we can help. With over 30 years of experience in vinyl printing we offer a plethora of different digital printing and signage service in Toronto. We are strongly committed to being the number one choice for businesses in Toronto for vinyl banners, and specialize in textiles and large format printing for commercial and marketing purposes.

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