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Best Ways to Use Vinyl Business Signs

Sep 4th, 2018

About Vinyl Business Signs

Vinyl business signs are an excellent way to reach out to new and existing customers by presenting a consistent, unified brand experience. Vinyl signs can be used for facility identification, wayfinding, point of purchase, and trailblazers, among others. They can be used for short term and long-term needs. It is important that vinyl business signs are used as an integrated factor in an overall marketing and brand strategy.

Using vinyl banners for business

In today’s market, with the saturation of digital technology and media, your brand has to be distinct, easy to remember and easy to connect with. Vinyl signage can be a significant part of establishing and maintaining the value of your brand when combined with digital marketing efforts.

Tips for Making Your Signage Stand Out

A graphic is an excellent method for capturing attention and adding interest to your vinyl signage. The more simple and streamlined the graphic, the better. Rather than a complex photo or heavily lined logo, a clear and direct graphic will do the trick.

The rule of thumb is no more than two fonts per sign, although ideally, one font will suffice. A sans serif font is less busy and distracting than a font with serifs.

Words Matter
Customers are more likely to buy a product or service if they are easily able to envision themselves using it, so it is advantageous to design your message in the second person: “you” and “yours”. “Drive Your New Car” is much more welcoming and enticing than “Cars for Sale.”

For options such as bold, italics, and caps versus roman lettering, there are many things to consider. Bold letters make them clearer and more readable. Italics, due to its slanted alignment, is less easily readable. Lettering in all caps is an aesthetic choice as it neither increases nor decreases readability.

A basic black border is known to increase average reading speed by bringing the eye’s focus to the centre of the sign. The border also serves to control the reading space by delineating its limits.

Traditional, bright colour matches can be paired and combined in different ways to capture attention with natural contrasting, such as blue and white, red and yellow, green and white, yellow and black. Notice that missing from the list are faded colours, pastels, and neon shades. Colours that are too faded or too bright are not easily recognizable on signage.

The White Space
White space is simply the uncovered space between lettering and graphics. Leaving ample white space decreases clutter and provides a clearer and more legible message. For best readability, 40 percent of the signage should be white space.

The Shorter the Better
15 words is the upper limit for most signs, and many messages can be conveyed in 10 words or less, or even 5 words or less. With this limit being so short, make sure that the words you do include really pop. Don’t hesitate to choose words that are fun and memorable, and that evoke a positive energy.

Attention to Detail in Vinyl Signage

It goes without saying, but be sure to proofread your vinyl business signs for spelling and grammar. Using slang or alternate spellings is often appropriate depending on the individual needs of the business, but be sure that the intention comes across by doing market research or an informal poll to see whether what you mean to say is understood by an everyday onlooker.

In addition to the sign being error-free, consider details such as how the sign looks next to neighbouring signage next door or down the street. If the wording is too similar or contrasts strangely with neighbouring signage, a re-wording may be needed. Also, if the colour scheme of branding of companies nearby clashes with yours, an alternate solution may be called for.

Mood and tone are slippery concepts when it comes to signage, yet are highly impactful qualities that every sign conveys. For example, to convey a breezy, light mood, a sky blue colour with white lettering can be used. Or to convey seriousness and reliability, such as signage for an accounting firm, a black and white colour scheme sets the desired tone. Stand back and consider these factors when narrowing down your design choices.

A Unified Brand Experience

Vinyl signage has an impact on the overall consumer experience of your business. It is important that the essence and feeling of your brand is experienced in a unified way throughout all contact with the customer. Every experience at every touch-point between your company and the consumer has to be on-brand, including the signage.

The main logo, for example, should be visually pleasing both on a digital device such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop as well as on print signage such as a subway poster, a billboard, and on-site signage like the front door.

Vinyl Business Signs and Your Overall Brand Strategy

Today, the transition of your logo from online to print needs to be seamless. From corporate stationery to a large-format vinyl business sign, the same logo should be used and should be suitable for a range of dimensions. When social media is used to inform customers of new products, services, and sales, the main logo is typically featured in a post and should both capture attention and convey an energy or idea to the consumer that stays in their mind. Implementing branded vinyl signage with the same logo as you use for social media posts is an effective way to make your online brand cohesive with your offline one.

In the end, ensuring a unified brand experience for your customers means featuring branded materials throughout every point of contact your company has with the consumer. Vinyl business signs made of high quality materials by experienced professionals help signal to your customer that you truly care about providing quality products and services. In unifying the brand experience provided by your business, the intention is that the vinyl signs serve as an extension of your brand identity. The branding power each sign has can be exponential, because the impact as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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