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3 Ways To Use Vinyl Banners Within An Advertising Campaign

Feb 1st, 2016

Business owners have a distinct range of options available through which to promote their organization, and vinyl banners are one of the leading promotional tools. They can be harnessed to capture the attention of a large and diverse audience, so many leaders are now integrating vinyl banners within their 2016 campaigns.

Vinyl Banners

In this latest article, we’ll take a look at three ways to use vinyl banners within an advertising campaign.

  1. At trade shows to Market within the Industry
  2. Trade shows represent an unparalleled opportunity to capture interest within an organization. Business owners can now use trade show events to showcase their organization’s products and services, and to engage new audiences within their brand.

    However, one of the leading promotional challenges within this type of business environment is rising above the marketing noise. Vinyl banners offer the ideal solution.

    Companies can use vinyl banners to quickly engage trade show visitors with a marketing message. The banner should include a dynamic call to action that tells the viewer precisely what action they should take after viewing the banner (IE “Call us today!” or “Visit our website for more information.”)

  3. Outside Storefronts to Capture Street Traffic
  4. Vinyl banners are also now widely utilized outside storefronts to engage those in the local area with the business’s products and services. One of the leading advantages of this approach is that vinyl banners draw the attention to the area, highlighting both the company’s banner and their store from the street location. This is ideal for events such as store-wide sales.

    Vinyl banners can be used to highlight the sale information and provide shoppers with information on the available products and on the sale start and end dates. The durability of the vinyl product also means it will hold up well in various types of weather outside the store area.

  5. At Local Parades to Drive Interest in Brand
  6. By using vinyl banners at local parades, companies can quickly capture the attention of a large local audience. While this type of mass marketing lacks precision, it can be used to bring the brand to the attention of thousands of local area residents.

    It’s important to select the right parade for the company and to consider the vinyl banner well before the parade begins to ensure the design elements are perfected ready for event day.

By effectively using high quality vinyl banners within the marketing campaigns, growing brands can transform their business and create new avenues for commercial growth. To discuss this subject with a specialist, contact our team today!

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