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Trade Show Booth Ideas on a Budget

Dec 30th, 2020

Trade shows are a marketing gold mine. Statistics show that the global B2B trade show industry was worth $34.4 billion in 2019. That is expected to grow to nearly $50 billion by 2025. North America is one of the biggest exhibition trade show markets in the world. Many marketing departments rely on the connections made during trade show events to help boost sales and increase company revenues.

Trade Show Booth Ideas on a Budget

However, these shows can get very expensive if you’re not careful. There are countless printing options and display choices that can seem enticing. After all, everyone wants to be noticed. Even if you are on a budget, though, you can still create a trade show booth that wows visitors.

Build Your Trade Show Booth on a Budget

There are many different ways that you can build a trade show booth that still impresses potential customers, but doesn’t cost too much money.

  1. Plan ahead. Brainstorm booth ideas before the trade show so that you can create a winning strategy. Consider what you would like to see in a booth. What colours or themes would best represent your company?

  2. Banners. One of the most affordable ways to attract visitors to your booth is to have a standing banner. Using the right graphics and information, banner stands can be easy on your budget and still attract potential customers to your booth. If you want to add something a little extra, consider putting hanging banners up in addition to your banner stands. This can help catch the eyes of visitors from a distance. Another bonus to banner stands is that they can be reused repeatedly, so it is more of an investment.

  3. Product samples. Everyone loves free things, which is why handing out product samples is another great way to boost your trade show booth. Plus, product samples draw in guests and give you the opportunity to talk with them about your company. They are then able to try out the sample for themselves. One of the best parts of handing out samples is that they can lead visitors to want more. The best approach here is to offer just a little bit of your most popular or best-selling product.

  4. Branded giveaways. Getting branded items is a great low-cost idea; similar to product samples, they are a big attraction at trade shows in Toronto. They also offer an ideal opportunity to get your branding in front of potential buyers. Marketers know that giving something away to a potential customer is a great way to start the relationship, as it creates a sense of goodwill for your visitor. Even if they don’t buy something from you immediately, they will remember you.

  5. Games. Part of the trade show experience for guests is to have fun. Adding some games to your booth can be a major attraction for visitors, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive setup either. Consider novelty games like pinball, mini-golf, or arcade-style games. Moreover, winners can walk away with branded prizes. So, once again, you’ll be able to get your company’s name in the hands of potential customers. It is important to consider the types of prizes you’re offering, as they should be related to your brand or company.

  6. Connectivity. Offering free Wi-Fi to guests is sure to win their approval and attention. You may even earn some online promotion as visitors share their experiences and thank your company in the process.

  7. Get social. Be sure to promote your trade show display on social media, so your customers know where to find you. You can even include a special social media spot for visitors to take a selfie. This can help your brand gain traction in the digital marketing world.

  8. Food. Offering free snacks and drinks will bring visitors to your booth. While they munch, you’ll be able to do a pitch for your company. If it is in your budget, get some branded containers to serve the snacks in. Free food can also act as a goodwill offering to guests. Giving anything to a potential customer can get the relationship off on the right foot.

  9. Clean up. It may seem like a simple concept, but keeping your trade booth clean and uncluttered can go a long way in attracting visitors. That means keeping your displays simple and not cluttering your table or area with too many things. Otherwise, it may start to look like a yard sale rather than a place to buy quality items.

  10. Consider your target customer. Creating a booth around what your target customer will be attracted to is one of the best ways to stick to a budget during a trade show. For example, if you are selling maternity wear, your display will likely use different colours and images than if you are selling T-shirts for motorcyclists. Companies that try to cater to everyone make a big marketing error. There are very few products or services that everyone across the board will buy. So, understand who is most likely to be in need of what you offer.

  11. Professional printing. One way to win big with your trade show booth is to have your printing done professionally. This will create the right impression with your customers. Printed materials can easily be circulated among many visitors, so make sure you are leaving them with a professionally printed brochure or card stock.

    1. Trade show booths are one of the best ways to connect with new customers. However, you don’t have to go overboard on your budget to get the most out of your booth. Keep it simple and consider what your target audience would want to see.

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