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5 Design Tourist Attractions You Have To Check Out

Mar 6th, 2017

If you are interested in design – and particularly signage from the past – here are some interesting tourist attractions that you need to see!

Incredible Design Tourist Attractions

  1. The Neon Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Neon Museum - Las Vegas

    The Neon Museum in Las Vegas offers a rich historic and cultural look into the city’s past with its extensive collection of the city’s most iconic signs. Even more, The Neon Museum highlights sign design trends in general, dating back all the way to the 1930s.

    If you happen to be visiting Las Vegas and are looking for more design inspiration, consider visiting the original Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign – one of the most famous signs in the world!

  2. Canada’s Version of The Neon Museum – Edmonton, Alberta

    Canada’s Version Of The Neon Museum

    Canada’s first-ever version of Las Vegas’s The Neon Museum is located in Edmonton and similarly seeks to offer a look into Edmonton’s past with its collection of historic neon signs. Canada’s version of The Neon Museum, however, offers a particular focus on commercial signage since this was so prolific in the city of Edmonton.

    There is also discussion that a second Neon Museum could open in Canada, this time in Toronto, Ontario.

  3. Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada

    Sign Post Forest

    When it comes to the the most iconic sign posts in the entire world, Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon, located along the Alaska Highway, definitely makes the list. Sign Post Forest is exactly what it sounds like – a forest of street signs, welcome signs and license plates that travellers have been adding themselves since the attraction’s inception in 1942, originally starting with a homesick soldier. This makes this tourist attraction not only rich in personal history but also very unique.

  4. Design Exchange – Toronto, Ontario

    Design Exchange - Toronto

    For those interested in design in all its forms, from graphics to architecture to fashion and more, visit Canada’s first-ever design museum, located in Toronto, Ontario. What is interesting about Design Exchange is its reflection of the current times in its selection of works while also highlighting the importance of design in our everyday lives.

  5. Visit a World Famous Sign

    World Famous Sign

    Another option for getting a taste of design while you’re on your next vacation is to visit one of the world’s most famous signs. From Los Angeles’s Hollywood sign to Paris’s Moulin Rouge sign, each sign offers an interesting look into design at a particular moment in history.

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