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Textile Designs For Kids

Mar 8th, 2016

Textiles are vibrant and fun — Two things that all children love! Bright colours and simple shapes make for designs that look great on children’s notebooks, wallpaper, clothing or virtually fabric item.

Textile Designs For Kids

Here are some of the most attractive, kid-friendly textile ideas to add to your child’s bedroom, wardrobe, or play center:


What could be better than bright, eye-catching textiles that also teach kids the alphabet? A great way to combine design with education.


Children often have a natural attachment to animals, so including them on your child’s stationery can be a great inspiration for them to indulge in a little extra time with their books.

Holiday Inspired Materials

Kids adore the holiday season even more so than adults, so why not make their special day even more special with a design featuring elves, Santa or presents, printed onto a stocking?The possibilities for creative textile prints are endless around the holidays, so get creative!


Children of both genders, and all ages, love dinosaurs. Some children will happily have dinosaurs on everything from their clothes to their bedspreads to their wallpaper. You can find kid-friendly graphics on websites like Pinterest and Etsy to bring to your local print team.


Flowers look great everywhere, but are particularly sweet when found in a little girl’s room. The best part of floral prints isn’t actually the print itself, but rather the longevity you’ll get out of it: Girls rarely grow out of liking flowers, so a vibrant floral design can last a right up until your children are teenagers.


Space textiles around a room could inspire tomorrow’s astronauts or, at the very least, encourage your little one to invest more interest in learning about outer space. Far from making things drab and boring, space designs can brighten up a room.

Using the above as inspiration, why not design something of your own? Club Ink always ensures crisp and high quality images on fabrics, so your kids can have textile images on any blanket, t-shirt or tote bag that they want.

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