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Latest Trends in Textile Printing

Jun 24th, 2015

Textile printing is the process used to apply colour to fabric creating patterns and designs. When it’s done properly, the colour bonds with the fabric’s fibres, making it resistant to washing. Textile printing offers designers a vibrant and fun way to display patterns on their garments to make them uniquely their own. Popular fashion houses from Versace to YSL to Dior have all made use of textile printing in their various collections over the years.

Trends In Textile Printing

The latest trends in textile printing show off bold colours and exciting designs:

  • Bohemian:

    Sometimes this print is referred to as “boho-chic.” Bohemian prints often contain softer colours that give the appearance that they are flowing into one another. This print is not to be confused with the tie-dye trends of yesteryear because the colours do not bleed into one another, they simply drift together like a stream or lake.

  • Paisley:

    Although this trend is named after a town in Scotland, it is actually Iranian in origin. Paisley doesn’t have set colours and comes in a variety of shades that are reminiscent of the 1960s and the “summer of love” when the Beatles dominated the airwaves.

  • Floral:

    Flowers are a fashion trend that never goes out to style. Floral prints are a staple in the world of high design because they can represent everything from innocence (daisies) to love (roses) to beauty (calla lilies).

  • Abstract:

    This print is its own visual language. Abstract usually consists of different colours, shades and shapes that on their own are impactful but find harmony when they are united in print.

  • Geo:

    Geo or geometric is a popular print that uses clean lines and shapes to convey symmetry. When it comes to geo, there are no specific colours that are associated with this print. Geo prints can range from classic black and white to an array of different colours.

  • Animal:

    This print is not limited to leopard spots. Animal print can make use of zebra stripes and snakeskin-like patterns. This print is fun and doesn’t always stick to traditional colours. For instance, a leopard spotted garment may not be black and yellow, but instead pink and purple.

Textile printing isn’t reserved for the fashion world. You can use these trends for signage, wraps, murals, decals and more. The aforementioned trends in textile printing can bring a hint of personality to everything from uniforms to your company’s logo.

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