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How Vintage Textiles Can Complete a Room

Jul 25th, 2018

Textiles that are vintage or give off the illusion of vintage are very popular nowadays. Moreover, vintage textiles can be used as upholstery on accessories, floors, walls, and windows in order to imbue a space with texture, patterns, or colour. However, some people may prefer something that is more crisp and contemporary than eclectic and global. The good news is you can still enjoy the vintage trend if your taste is modern, and even if you don’t actually have any vintage pieces. Textile printing is available so you can give anything a vintage feel, even if it isn’t actually vintage. Keep on reading for some ideas on where a faux vintage textile would be able to work in your home.

Vintage room with sofa set brick


If you really want to showcase vintage textiles, a great place to start is with rugs. Easy and popular, you can’t go wrong with Moroccan, Persian, or Turkish styles. In fact, they are arguably more popular today than they were in ancient times. However, your thinking should go beyond just the bedroom or the living room. For instance, you can add a Turkish, Persian, or Moroccan rug with vintage textiles to your bathroom, or near your main entrance.

Another space that works really well with rugs is the kitchen. This is because wool is a fibre that is stain resistant and is also quite hardy, unbeknownst to most. Also, if you spill something by accident, you will be happy to know that busy patterns on most oriental or middle eastern rugs will actually mask smaller spills quite effectively. Some kitchens may also appear kind of plain or too sterile because of the appliances. As such, you can add a middle eastern rug in order to add some life and colour to an otherwise dull and mundane room.

Blind and Curtains

You can also use vintage textiles to add a floral aesthetic to a room that is cheery and bright. For instance, you can make a room pop with some colourful and exuberant vintage textile curtains. Moreover, if you have a bathroom that is ultra modern and sleek, then you can add some rustic warmth to it by adding some floral blinds to the mix. The fabric doesn’t even have to be genuine vintage, as faux vintage will also fit the bill nicely. In other words, what matters is that it looks the part in order to add that dash of whimsy to an otherwise cold room.

Sofas & Chairs

You can go retro chic by going with vintage upholstery on your sofa. Some designers will actually assemble a large collection of vintage blankets for several weeks or even months before they design, say, a New York inspired brownstone for a nostalgic client of theirs. You can also add some jet black art on the wall, right behind your vintage sofa, so that it can play well against the sofa’s textures as well as its bold patterns.

As for chairs, if you have a regular side chair in your lounge area or office, then you can bring it to life and make it a centerpiece of any room by adding African mudcloth.


Vintage textiles and beddings often go hand in hand. You can create a very special and memorable quilt by adding shapes that complement the shapes of, say, a customized bookcase behind it. Create a look that is nostalgic, welcoming, and also cozy. The end result may be something that exudes country chic and grandma’s warmth and tenderness. In other words, if your vintage textile bedding makes you think of a warm cup of chamomile tea, then you’ve done bedroom vintage right.

Sometimes, you just can’t beat that homemade feeling, and you can go above and beyond the norm by adding some embroidered pillowcases to the mix. The combination of embroidered pillowcases may add some charm to a bedroom, regardless of how small or big it is. For instance, a bright yellow quilt may also serve as a beautiful tapestry behind an archaic bedstead. Add embroidered pillows and vintage linens to the mix and you have yourself a beautiful mix.

Perhaps, however, you may feel that the country-chic, antiquated look is too much for you. As such, you may look for vintage textiles that are simply beautiful; no more, no less. For instance, you can add a monolithic and clean vintage piece over your master bed. An antique handira from Morocco may fit the bill nicely if you like the middle eastern style.

Period Motifs

If you are looking to create a period motif from the 1950s, then you can start off with some of your grandmother’s fabric from the 1950s. It will serve as a potent starting point as you create a unique interplay of solid, striped, and geometric textiles. You can create one of a kind drapery panels with this mix and help create a bedroom that has a yellow, white, and blue color scheme. The key to success is to strategically combine small, medium, and large textile patterns together. If done right, the bedroom will not appear chaotic but will instead appear peaceful and serene.


Finally, you can show your school spirit by taking a letter sweater and turning it into a seat cover. You can even choose to use an old sweater that has a newly applied letter on it, into a seat cover as well. To do so, you will need to wrap it around the chair’s seat. Don’t forget to tuck in the neck edges at the top, and the wrapped around components of the sweater should be stapled to the back of the chair’s seat.

If you would like more vintage textile ideas for your home then please do not hesitate to give us a call at 416-694-1996 or visit our website. With decades of experience, we specialize in large format printing and textiles. For instance, we design textiles, decals, displays, banners, signs, and beautiful posters for our clients.

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