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Fall Design Trends You Should Look Out For

Sep 28th, 2017

Here are some fall design trends to freshen up your look and help you and your business stay ahead of the curve.

Fall Design Trends

  1. Sublimation Printing
  2. Admittedly, sublimation printing isn’t just a fall trend—it’s been a trend for a while now but is only continuing to gain even more popularity. Sublimation printing is the process of using a sublimation printer to transfer dye onto fabrics, paper or plastic via heat. Sublimation printing is make a splash in many different spheres, from fashion runways to advertising and marketing. Given that sublimation printing has so many applications, from t-shirts to table cloths, it offers a new, trendy way to market yourself and stand out from the pack.

  3. Bold, Vibrant Colours and Multicolour Transitions
    Another trend this year that will continue into the fall season is the use of bold, vibrant colours in design—particularly bright colours paired with a neutral background. Multicolour transitions are also continuing into the fall season. Colour transitions are particularly popular right now and can be seen everywhere, from logos to buttons. Instagram’s camera symbol, wherein purple, pink and orange blend into each other, is a great example of a colour transition.
  4. Bold Typography

    Bold typography is another recent trend that is continuing on into the fall season. Bold typography will continue to be particularly trendy (if not necessary) on the web given that it captures people’s attention. When it comes to web content, users have a tendency to skim, and bold typography makes the important details stand out. Whether it’s mixing fonts or centring typography, bold typography will continue into the fall season and beyond. This is a trend that is here to stay.

  5. Hand-Drawn Graphics and Icons

    Another graphic design trend that will continue its popularity into the fall season is the use of hand-drawn graphics and icons. In recent years, there has been a saturation of stock images used around the web and an overall lack of personalization. Hand-drawn graphics and icons are the response to these generic photos, allowing companies to stand out from the rest. Dropbox is one such example. They have now incorporated hand-drawn graphics into their design, and this has helped them appear a lot more accessible.

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