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6 Designers Who Use Textile Printing

Mar 16th, 2016

Not many people know just how easy it is to transfer designs onto a garment, but you might very well wear clothes every day that were made with digital textile printing chosen by the designer specifically for its convenience in translating a design from an idea into reality.

Designers Using Textile Printing

In this article, we’re taking a look at 6 designers who have become known for using textile printing in their work.

Karen Mabon

This Scottish jewellery and fashion designer creates scarves without repeated prints, meaning that they function as pieces of art (sometimes quite quirky, abstract art) whether they’re being worn or not. She hand-draws them as a part of her process and later has them digitally printed onto silk or a cashmere blend. They’re sold as luxury items, and are bound to catch the eye when worn.

Charlotte Linton

UK designer and fashion consultant Charlotte Linton makes beautiful scarves with, as her website says, “A strong visual design identity that is largely illustrative, colourful, and suggestive of an ongoing narrative.” She hand-draws her designs – which are inspired by archaeology, zoology and travelling – before they are digitally transferred to the fabric.

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders’s skill with prints helped launch his designer career. He went on to huge success, working with Alexander McQueen and getting himself featured on Vogue magazine covers, and even having celebrities like Michelle Obama and Kylie Minogue wear his designs.

Kristi O’Meara

Kristi O’Meara designs strange, often downright alien-looking, but very beautiful graphics that are made into bedspreads, cushions and other things for the home. She also helped found the website The Patternbase, which began life as a Tumblr blog but is now a haven for textile lovers.

Sophie Collom

Sophie Collom is a freelance textile designer who specialises in muted watercolour designs that look great on ties. She describes her work as a “Hand painted mishmash of different styles and themes.” She’s sold her designs to many famous brands, such as Calvin Klein and Marks & Spencers.

Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts with a First Class Degree in Textiles in 2012, and went on to do exciting textile work using painting, hand drawings and Photoshop. Shops like John Lewis and Studio Four carry her designs, which are often influenced by cross-stitch.

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