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What Is Sublimation Printing?

Aug 16th, 2017

Sublimation Printing has become an increasingly popular method for printing high quality images onto various fabrics and items. It is finding such popularity partly because sublimation printing displays absolutely no resolution loss when compared to the original image.

Sublimation Printing

The result is an image with the perfect clarity of the source picture. This sort of high quality product holds up to any level of scrutiny, and satisfies even the most meticulously and critically held standards.

The Environmental Benefits of Sublimation Printing

It is being used more and more as companies and clients both turn toward a preference for environmentally friendly products and environmentally conscious means of production. This gives sublimation printing a huge boost in benefits over other traditional means of printing, such as print screening.

Sublimation printing uses absolutely no water during the process of dyeing fabrics or other dyeable objects. In fact, sublimation printing ends up producing almost no waste at all. Only a small amount of dye is used in the sublimation printing process.

Furthermore, sublimation printing uses dyes that are completely safe. They are neither harmful for the workers who work with it or for the environment. It is incredibly safe and highly sustainable. Most printers go as far as to suggest that it is actually the safest, and most environmentally conscious, sustainable process for printing and image production.

So What Is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is popular. It’s safe for both workers and the environment. It’s highly sustainable. And it creates products with no image resolution loss. So what exactly is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing involves imprinting a specified design or image or logo onto fabric, such as a garment, or other suitable items. It does so through a chemical process that turns a solid directly into a gas through a chemical reaction.

Typical methods of printing involve a middle step where the solid turns to water before turning gaseous. Instead, sublimation printing skips this middle step and fuses your design directly onto the fabric in a gaseous state where it solidifies as a lasting imprint of the product design you requested.

This is done through a machine that creates a chemical reaction through the transfer of heat. It is, however, limited to fusing designs onto synthetic materials, which includes polymers.

This is usually the most suitable option for businesses anyway. Once you have your image, you can get it printed on any number of objects in order to help you promote your company and increase your branding. For example, you could use sublimation printing to imprint on classic items for better branding, such as coffee mugs, pens, shirts and backpacks.

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