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How to Improve Guest Experience With Excellent Signage

Oct 1st, 2020

Event signage may not seem like a big deal to many people, but it can make or break an attendee’s user experience. Unfortunately, many people who host events fail to grasp event signage’s true value and often put it off until the last minute.

How to improve guest experience with excellent signage?

However, most experts agree that you should work on your event signage as soon as you have selected the venue. Here, we will delve into the value that excellent signage can bring to the table to improve the guest experience.

Finding Places and Information

Poor signage will surely sully your guests’ experience. Even worse, failure to include any type of sign will further disappoint or even frustrate your guests. Chaos may even ensue if guests cannot find out which space or room they need to be in.

In sum, signs, particularly good ones, will help inform people about where they need to go or what they need to know.

Not Having to Worry About Details

Once a guest has left a particular section of the event, they probably do not want to ask another guest where a given room is. Guests may also wonder what time lunch or dinner is, or they may inquire as to whether or not they need to register for the presentation.

The good news is that a quality sign will provide your guests with the information they need. By doing so, your guests will not have to worry about the minor details, and can instead commiserate and network with each other.

In the end, the goal of your event is to get people to mingle and discuss how your event has impacted their lives. The value of your event, then, will be at the forefront instead of the mundane minutiae (such as schedules or logistics).

Please Your Attendees

Experts agree that whenever someone reads your sign to obtain valuable information, they will positively associate with your business. In fact, the experience, while relatively small on its own, will eventually add up in fostering a positive experience.

This phenomenon is the “mere exposure effect,” whereby a person will develop a penchant for something after having been exposed to it for some time.

As a result, they will begin to develop positive feelings for your brand every time they use one of your signs to solve an issue or get the information that they need to proceed.

Prevent Negative Experiences from Occurring

Let’s imagine that you are an international guest who has recently landed for a prestigious event. You finally arrive at your destination to hear the guest of honour speech, only to get lost along the way. This, in turn, leads to you missing the first half of the speech.

In such a scenario, you would likely be annoyed because you did not receive accurate directions or any directions at all for that matter.

In some cases, a disgruntled guest who got lost may even demand a full refund. Such a person would also likely complain to their colleagues and may even post a negative review on their social media channel.

Then, the goal is to prevent such a negative experience from occurring in the first place, and an effective way to do so is to use concise and accurate event signage.

Create Opportunities for More Sponsorship

Many entrepreneurs use their events to sell sponsorship packages. Sponsorship packages can help you recoup some of your losses, broaden your marketing reach, and get other companies involved.

For example, strategically placed signs can help your sponsors post their logos, slogans, and images to maximize their return on investment.

Unique signage options will help you attract bigger sponsors and allow you to charge more for multiple sponsorship opportunities.

Some Signs are Mandatory

Signs are essential, so you will need to include them as a part of your assessment as you shop around for possible event venues.

For example, you should identify places where signs will need to be placed as you walk through a venue for the first time. Those expenditures should then be folded into your event budget.

To further illustrate, let us imagine that your venue has an out-of-the-way bathroom. Now, such a location may not be a deal-breaker, but you will still need to factor in the added costs to erect the necessary bathroom signs.

So, plenty of signs may be needed, especially if you plan to rent a venue with many key locations (for example, bathrooms, exits, stages, vendors, and entrances).

Also, you should try and experience your event from the vantage point of your guests. Walking through the entire space will give you an idea of what your guests will experience when entering the venue.

Creativity is Key

Another thing to consider is where to place your signs to enhance your guests’ experience. It is also important to realize that signs will help people feel at home in a new venue. As well, signs can inform people and avoid confusion during the event.

For example, if your event will have multiple guests speaking on the same stage, you can erect a sign off to the side on an easel. You can then add the Twitter handles of each speaker, as well as their full names.

By doing so, guests will be informed about the speakers and will be provided with opportunities to interact or engage with them in a more personal manner.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to proper signage. Every business is different, and the same can be said of its customer base. However, the one area that you can fully control is how detailed and creative you want to be.

From stair wraps and floor graphics to banners and human messaging, you are in full control. If you need creative event signage, please visit Club Ink on our website or call us at 416-694-1996.

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