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6 Signs Every Business Should Have

Apr 24th, 2019

Regardless of the type of business you operate, and regardless of its size, you will eventually require at least one sign for your enterprise. However, as with most things in the business world, quality supersedes quantity when it comes to business signage. In other words, what matters most is what sign will have the biggest impact in terms of brand messaging and conversions. Here, we discuss six different signs that every business should have, irrespective of their type and size.

Signs Every Business Should Have

Backlit Signs

By adding an illuminated or backlit sign to your business you will be able to keep your sign visible during the day and the night. Even if you do not run a 24/7 operation, your sign will remain visible, ensuring that more people will see it as they travel back and forth across busy roads located near your business. In fact, some businesses will actually require a backlit sign in order to inform potential patrons or customers that they are open for business. For other companies, backlit signs are not absolute but are still strongly recommended, as they strategically use light to capture the attention of potential clients.

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Did you know that the average automobile is seen by millions of people annually? Evidently, not everyone who sees a vehicle will be a customer, but if you are able to capture the attention of even 1% of those viewers, you can significantly increase the visibility of your company. Vehicle graphics and wraps are highly recommended for enterprises that need mobile services, such as construction, general contracting, and plumbing companies. Any other type of company that is frequently on-the-go should add vehicle wraps and graphics to their modes of transport, as they can transform previously unused space on their vehicles into mobile promotional ad spaces.

Signs Compliant with the Canadian Disabilities Act

In some jurisdictions, you may actually be required to erect CDA compliant signs in your business. For instance, if you operate a restaurant, ensuring that you keep your enterprise CDA compliant will help facilitate the inspection process and ensure that everyone who visits your establishment feels welcome.

Complying with the CDA will make it much easier for people from all walks of life to find their way around your premises. This is especially true if your property is complicated logistically, as CDA signage will be required to guide certain customers to the right location.

Point of Sale Signage

Many experts agree that the point of sale interaction is the most pertinent a business has with their clients. A PoS sign can help your enterprise generate new streams of revenue through upselling, as you will be able to take advantage of that time with minimal effort. Also, while you will have a multitude of PoS sign options at your disposal they will all have a common goal. That is, they will be seen by your customers when their money is already out near the register. There is arguably no better time to make an additional sale and no better spot to erect or hang a new sign.

Digital Signs

Perhaps the most versatile type of sign on the market is the digital sign, as it is fully customizable. In other words, digital signs can be seen as a gift that continues to pay dividends, as you can change it whenever you want in order to reflect changes in your business’s products, services, or values. You can also change your digital signs in order to promote new sales or promotions, to re-brand your company, or simply to notify customers of an address change. With digital signs virtually anything is possible, and they can quickly be changed to meet your ever-changing needs with ease.

Shop Front Signs

Regardless of the type of sign that you use for your business, it is important to place the sign near the facade of your business. This is because a shop front sign will notify clients of your location and people who pass-by that your company is open for business. There are also many different options to choose from when it comes to shop front signs.

Some owners may choose to use archaic signwriting that is actually painted on the building. Others may choose to go the 3D lettering route or may decide to install sign panels. You could even be creative and use window frosting that is integrated with the name of your company if you’d prefer. Regardless of the type of shop front sign that you use, the end goal of a business sign is to help your enterprise look more attractive and professional to prospective clients.

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