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3 Event Signage Basics

Nov 27th, 2017

Any business event, whether indoor or outdoor, is enhanced by event signage like an advertising banner. Whether you are putting on a charity event, a community event, a corporate event, a product launch, a trade show or any other kind of event, signage attracts attention. Event signage can also be used as a directional guide or to thank your sponsors or clients.

Event Signage Basics

But in order to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising banner, there are some foundational principles that you should adhere to, as you will see below.

  1. Benefits of Event Signage
    There are many reasons why businesses should consider an advertising banner for their event:
    • They attract attention — they increase visibility prior to the event and drive further traffic on the day of the event itself.
    • They convey a level of professionalism.
    • The allow you to brand your event (and therefore your business).
  2. Event Signage Considerations
    The digital branding company you’re working with knows how to create effective event signage, but here are some things you should consider first:
    • Consider the Placement of Your Advertising Banner
      It is important to consider where you will place your signage because this will dictate what size of signage you should opt for, the size of font and so on. Above all, you want your sign to be noticed, so considering visibility is key.
  3. Event Signage Design Tips
    • Keep It Consistent with Your Brand Colours
      It is imperative that businesses keep their branding colours, fonts and so on consistent across the board. From your website to your events, consistency is key to strengthening your brand.
    • Include Your Logo
      Again, your event should serve to promote and brand not only your event but also your business itself. Include your logo on your advertising banner to boost brand recognition.
    • Include a Social Media Hashtag
      You can create additional media attention around your event by including an event related hashtag on your sign. This works as a call to action; in short, it encourages people to post about the event, thus driving free advertising behind the scenes.
    • Above All, Keep It Simple and Concise
      Just like most forms of advertising, it is important that your advertising banner is simple and concise. In most cases, your event signage is designed to provoke curiosity, but a complex sign with a lot going on can actually detract from your message.

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