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Making An Attractive Retail Sign

Jul 29th, 2015

Signage is an essential element of any effective retail space because it tells your customers two important things:

Attractive Retail Sign

  1. What they are looking at; and
  2. Why they should care.

Without intelligible signage, customers may miss out on good deals and you may miss out on their business! How does one create a functional and attractive retail sign? By considering the three most important design factors:

  • Capturing the customer’s attention;
  • Communicating your message clearly and concisely; and
  • Match the personality of your store.

In order to achieve these three goals, here are some helpful tips and suggestions to aid you in designing the more attractive and functional signage for your store:

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet
  2. When writing your signs, it is always best to keep the text as short as possible while still communicating your message. Overly verbose signage will only serve to confuse customers who do not take the time to read it slowly and they are unlikely to take away the message you want them to. Grab their attention and communicate your message as fast as possible to help avoid miscommunication and to combat short attention spans. Ideally your message should be quite clear in just a short glance.

  3. Make it Easy to Read
  4. Save your frills for the border and other design elements and make sure all text has sharp, clear lines with few extra flourishes or design details. Use fonts that are large and clear with sharp contrast to improve readability at a distance.

  5. Feature a Strong Call to Action
  6. The best signs instruct your customers to do something. Whether it is purchasing an additional item, checking out what’s on sale, or asking for assistance from your sales staff, your signs are intended to encourage your customers to perform the actions you want from them. The best way to do this is simply to tell them.

  7. Remember: Less is More
  8. Nowadays this is even truer than ever before as people are used to communicating in short texts and succinct emails. Edit your signage until nothing but your message remains without any extra fluff so that your message comes through even the shortest attention span.

  9. Be Specific
  10. Narrowcasting, the art of providing just the right information in just the right place, is an important aspect of good signage as well. Try to keep each individual sign as specific and to the point as possible, and use signage wherever you feel it is necessary around your store. By targeting customers at specific stages of the buying process, your signs will be better able to produce the results you are looking for!

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