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Great Ideas for Retail Signs

Dec 13th, 2019

Retail signs are everywhere and almost everyone has them, from the most popular brand name stores to tiny family-owned businesses. You will notice this especially when you walk down a busy city street or downtown core. It is a simple tool that is used to attract paying customers and increase company sales, leading to a successful and lucrative business.

Ideas for retail signs

Club Ink provides the services you need to create signs that will help you grow as a business. We are a digital printing company that makes signs of all shapes and sizes, according to your own distinctive vision. If you’re having a summer sale, we can provide signs for your short-term needs that can be placed anywhere from your window to lawns and sidewalks. We also create:

  • Directional signs
  • Point of purchase signs
  • Trailblazers

Club Ink has a variety of solutions for you to choose from and you make the choice of creating storefront displays, wall decals, textiles, ceiling or wall banners, and posters. If you’re in need of more permanent signage for your retail store to market your brand for the long term, we design:

  • Metal A-Frames
  • Crezon A-Frames (Sandwich boards)
  • Menu boards
  • Dry erasable boards
  • Storefront signs
  • Billboards
  • Aluminum signs

Signs can help you to keep your customers up to date and in the know. To help you decide what kind of display, in-store banner, or sign is best for you and your company we’ve put together a list of great ideas for retail signs. We will help you draw customers in, focus their attention, and keep their interest.

Invest in Unique Signage

Your sign should be eye catching and grab the attention of your intended audience. This can be done by thinking outside the box and staying away from generic sign designs. Depending on your brand style, the brighter the sign the more likely you are to have someone notice it. You could use a chalkboard layout with creative pens and chalkboard paint to help your displays look as interesting as possible. If you have trendy craft supplies lying around, feel free to put those to use. You can even watch a YouTube tutorial on calligraphy to make your sign as appealing as possible. Or, maybe your sign doesn’t even need to be the focal point at all. You can use signage as a backdrop to any window or art displays. This approach can help intrigue the customer more than a simple sign could.

Make it Simple

While you want your sign to be visually appealing and different from a standard sign, it is also important to keep your design simple. You can do this by spacing out images, designs, and the text. Using a big font makes this a breeze for you. By leaving a lot of blank space, you will create an effective retail sign. If you use a simple image and a call to action, the client can process the message quicker while noticing the type of business you are with an uncluttered, branded design.

Don’t Use Too Much Text

You want people to be able to quickly glance at the sign and find out the information that you want them to know. If there is too much written on the sign, there is a greater probability of people walking past without taking the time to read it. This could result in them missing something like a sale, which doesn’t help you to make money, thus defeating the whole purpose of the sign in the first place. Get down the main points in seven words or less. It will give customers the push they need to come in and ask questions about any details they may need to know. Leaving room for the customer to ask you questions is a smart technique because you have the opportunity to sell your services to them face to face, which is always more effective.

Get Signs Tailored to You

By investing in a digital sign printing company like Club Ink, you can get signs custom made to fit the dimensions of your office or shop. This will make your signs look like they belong there. You can get your more permanent signs fitted to the windows or doors of your establishment, giving your company an even more professional look and feel. This type of signage will instantly grab a passerby’s attention and give them the extra nudge they may need to go in. You can use your space as the sign rather than putting one out on the sidewalk or hanging a sign up every day.

The sky is no longer the limit with signs. Anything is possible with a combination of materials and design ideas.

For more tips about designing your very own retail signs, call Club Ink at 416-694-1996 or contact us here.

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