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Things To Include On Your Promotional Banner

Dec 30th, 2015

When creating a promotional banner for your business or event, you want to keep the message short and snappy, while still providing all the necessary information.

Promotional Banner

First of all, here’s a quick checklist of the information you need to include on your promotional banner:

  • Contact Info/Location:
  • Whether it’s for your business, or for an event, people must know how and where they can find you. You don’t want this information to take up too much space on the banner, but it needs to be clearly visible. Include: An address, a phone number/e-mail address, and a website. You could, if space permits, direct people to your website for a map of the location.

  • A Concise Header:
  • If, for example, you are advertising for a big sale, you need to hook people in. Create a punchy, yet descriptive summary of what people can expect, for instance “Huge Appliance Sale!” Again, you never want to be overly wordy or descriptive, but you need to draw people in with a quick hook.

  • A Quick Description:
  • A bulleted list of items is the most effective way to catch people’s attention. Continuing on with the appliance sale example, your points could include:

    • 50-70% off Microwaves
    • 30-50% Off Refrigerators
    • Door Prizes!

    These quick bullet points should entice people to attend your event, or visit your business.

  • A Call to Action:
  • Like a “Footer,” you should end your description with a quick, instructive tagline such as “Shop now!” or “Check out our amazing deals!” A call to action should encourage people to visit or attend quickly by creating a sense of urgency.

  • Images:
  • Pictures are so important. As the cliché goes, “A picture says a thousand words”. Depending what service you’re offering, or what your event is, the image you choose should be indicative of what you’re offering. Images can let someone know instantly what kind of product you’re selling, or what kind of party you’re putting on. It’s also helpful to include a logo, if your business or organization has one, to create brand recognition.

Eye-catching. Punchy. To the point. Once you’ve settled on your perfect banner, contact us at Club Ink to make your vision a reality!

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