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Tips for Designing Your Pop-Up Shop in Toronto

Aug 17th, 2020

The retail industry in Canada can be competitive and expensive to break into. It’s not always easy to get started with your venture. Do you have a store idea, but are not ready to open a brick and mortar shop? Or are you looking to try out your idea to see if there is enough consumer interest in your product? Whatever your reasons for taking it slow, opening a pop-up shop is a great way to begin your journey into the retail industry in Toronto.

How to design your pop-up shop in Toronto?

Having a temporary pop-up shop can allow you to build your customer base; it can also give you a chance to earn some seasonal income. However, the look and design of your pop-up store is an important aspect of success. You must have a plan and strategy in place that can guide you as you develop your own business.

Why open a pop-up shop?

What started out as a trend many years ago has become a great business model for those looking to dip their toes into the retail industry. Pop-up shops refer to any space that is temporarily used to sell merchandise. This can include makeup, beauty products, clothing, decorative items, tech toys, and more.

One of the keys to the success of pop-up stores is the creativity of their design. These spaces are often smaller than traditional retails stores but offer an exciting and engaging atmosphere for customers.

There are a number of good reasons that retailers opt for pop-up shops including:

  1. Customer connection: Unlike e-commerce, pop-up shops give you an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with your customers. This helps you get to know them and build a good relationship with those interested in your products.

  2. Increase sales: Many sales are still made directly at retail stores. Having a pop-up shop gives you the opportunity to benefit from a physical store location where customers can drop by and grab what they want without having to wait or pay extra shipping costs.

  3. Brand awareness: Pop-up shops can be exciting and are still seen as a novelty, which can help you get some attention for the brand you are creating.

  4. Affordability: Retail stores can be expensive to start and maintain. Temporary pop-up shops are a far less expensive option.

  5. Market testing: If you are planning to launch a new product or want to test the marketability of your line, a pop-up shop can be a good measure of future success.

Opening Your Pop-Up Shop

When it comes to getting the right look of your pop-up shop, there are some important things you’ll need to consider before you sign a lease. These include:

  • Location: There are various areas that you can choose from when it comes to your shop’s location. This includes weekend markets, malls, streets, and galleries. Where you decide to open your pop-up shop may depend on the product you have to sell. For example, if you are selling tech gadgets, a mall may be the best location. However, if you are selling homemade jewelry, a weekend craft market might be a better fit.

  • Costs: You should expect some expenses aside from the cost of renting the space. These can include electricity, phone, Internet connection, inventory, supplies, point of sale equipment, etc. Be sure that you budget for these extra costs in your business plan.

  • Marketing: Letting others know about your shop is key to getting customers in your door, so to speak. You’ll need to have a good marketing plan; whether that is flyers, media releases, or social media, it’s important to get the word out about your shop.

  • Layout: Even if you only have a small space to deal with, it’s critical to have a pleasing design for your pop-up shop. This includes a floor plan and any displays that you want to include.

Tips for Your Pop-Up Shop Design

Creating an experience that leaves a lasting impression and helps your pop-up shop stand out starts with a good design plan. This includes everything that goes into creating the right atmosphere for your customers. Here are some things to think about when it comes to the design of your shop:

  • Floor plan: Most pop-up stores have a small space to deal with, but it will still be important to help guide your customers through your shop.

  • Decompression zone: The space where customers first walk into your pop-up shop is called the decompression zone. It’s often passed through quickly, so keep in mind that it should be free of product displays as they are more likely to be overlooked.

  • Add tech: You don’t want to overdo it, but having a little interactive technology in your shop can make a big difference for customers. This can include touchscreen kiosks or tablets where they can further interact with your brand.

  • Get creative: Pop-up shops offer you the opportunity to create some unique displays. Think of some original ways that you can display your products. Move away from traditional store decor and add some colour to your shop.

  • Be social: Include some type of feature in your pop-up shop that gives customers a chance to share it on social media. This will help promote your brand and your store. It could be as simple as having a special space where customers can take photos and upload them. You may also want to create a hashtag for your shop or brand for customers to use when sharing their photos.

Bring it All Together

Getting started in Toronto’s retail industry can be exciting but also intimidating. However, by opting for a pop-up shop first, you can test the waters before opening your own brick and mortar store. Pop-up shops can also be a fun way to introduce a new product from your brand or to help you earn some part-time or seasonal income.

Opening up a temporary pop-up shop location can also promote your brand and grow your customer base. No matter your reasons for opening up a shop, the design of your space will be a key element in its success.

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