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Budget-Friendly Tips For Print Business Promotion

Dec 14th, 2016

When it comes to promoting your business on a tight budget, many marketers choose to focus on a few digital marketing strategies, like publishing great content, recycling content, and using social media. While these strategies can work for a specific target market, you are likely to yield better results by combining affordable online and offline marketing strategies. Below are some proven, low-cost, offline marketing strategies.

Cheap Ways For Print Business Promotion

  1. Awesome Business Cards

    Invest a little money in getting some well-designed business cards that reflect your creativity and brand values, and set your brand apart from competitors. Make sure your whole team has enough business cards to give one away with every handshake. The more people know about your business, even if it is just what your industry you are in, the better.

  2. Optimise Guerrilla Marketing

    One of the best things about guerrilla marketing is that it emphasises creativity over budget. It is comprised of many easy and cost-effective strategies for local marketing, including street art, custom stickers, posters, and many other creative ideas that will get people to notice your brand.

  3. Shop for Magazine Ads

    Magazine and newspaper advertising specialists often offer free assistance in developing an advertising strategy. Look around for magazines offering unsold ad space at a discount price, usually at the end of the month.

  4. Use Car Stickers

    If your company has a car, or if you use your car for business, consider applying a magnetic sign to promote your brand awareness. You may also include window decals and bumper stickers, and do not discount the impact of routinely driving around during rush hour, or parking your car in a strategic, high-traffic area for maximum visibility.

  5. Get Creative with Fliers

    Giving away printed marketing material is a time-tested tactic that yields great results. Be creative with your fliers and pamphlets to encourage your audience to read and keep them. You could, for instance, seek out or create infographics that are easy to understand and turn them into fliers, or include discount coupons in your fliers.

  6. Giveaways with Every Sale

    If your business is product based, you can boost the exposure of your brand by using unique packaging. Giving away branded knick-knacks or stickers with every product purchase is a great way to enable your customers to spread the word.

  7. Network

    To maximize the impact of your offline marketing efforts, it is important to network as much as possible. You can build a successful business network even in a small town by simply attending as many business-related activities in your area as possible, including taking part in trade shows and handing out your print materials.

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