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5 Tips For Marketing Your New Business Offline

Aug 8th, 2016

The internet and social media have created a whole platform for marketing and advertising. From flash ads on YouTube, to targeted photo ads on Facebook, there are many different types of online advertising platforms to choose from. The only problem with these new forms of advertising is that everyone is using them, so the market is flooded with advertising from big and small companies; meanwhile, everyone has forgotten about the traditional avenues, which are still effective.

5 Offline Marketing Tips

Here are 5 offline ways to advertise and market your company and brand:

  1. Guerilla Marketing

    This unconventional marketing system creates a creative outlet that can reach a wider audience, one that wouldn’t necessarily be reached through an online advertising campaign. You can get really creative through sticky notes, bumper stickers, chalk on sidewalks or even inventive products around your city. The creative options will leave people talking about the ad and they will remember your brand or company.

  2. Print Collateral

    Despite what the internet says, print isn’t dead. If it was you wouldn’t still be seeing billboards, signs in bus shelters or business cards. Print advertising can sometimes be a bit pricey, but depending on who you go through you can get a deal. Using a local printer also means you can help support a local business while working on your marketing strategies.

  3. Direct Mail

    Targeted advertising in the mail may seem a little out of date but it still works. There are still people who can be reached through ads in the mail and you can also track to see how well they work. By adding exclusive coupons and special offers, you can bring in new customers that wouldn’t normally have come to you. You can also use targeted marketing, which can give you the perfect way to reach your audience and can also create a call to action. This can bring your audience together and create a conversation about your brand or company.

  4. Sign Spinner

    Everyone will notice someone with a big sign busting a move out on the sidewalk. Give a great dancer some headphones and a sign to spin and you will have the perfect advertisement. Passing cars and passing joggers and pedestrians won’t be able to avoid a dancing neon sign.

  5. Relationship Building

    Networking and building relationships with peers and potential customers can be great advertising all on its own. Going to networking events and participating in community events shows you support your local community and is a great way to build your brand.

Just because online advertising is a great way to communicate with potential clients and customers, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to advertise. If you use some of the traditional methods mentioned here your reach will be a lot bigger and you will also be breaking into markets others have forgotten about.

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