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3 Tips To Open Up Your Own Pop-Up Shop

Sep 18th, 2017

Pop-up shops continue to be as popular as ever among businesses both small and large. Pop-up shops, also known as flash retailing, are temporary shops that serve a variety of purposes. They can be used purely for marketing purposes, to build interest in a business’s product or services. They could be used to test products or locations. For online businesses, pop-ups offer the ability to connect with customers offline. Pop-up shops “pop up” and then disappear some time after.

Pop-Up Shop Tips

  1. Consider Your Choice of Location Carefully

    Your choice of location plays a large role in the success of your pop-up shop. First, however, your pop-up shop must be in a high foot traffic area and ideally would be close to public transportation. Consider who frequents the area and whether this makes sense with your customer base. Your choice of street or area should also coincide with your brand, so you need to take this into consideration as well. Don’t be afraid to think about setting up your pop-up shop in an unexpected or unconventional place, either. This can draw a lot of attention to it. Location is key to a great return on investment.

  2. Promotion Is Essential

    Next to location, generating buzz is another very important element of a successful pop-up shop. Creating buzz for the event begins before the pop-up shop’s opening and continues during and after. Here are some tips:

    • Contact local newspapers and magazines to help get the word out. Savvy businesses are also taking to Kickstarter to secure funding and buzz at the same time.
    • Invite key influencers, bloggers and businesses in the area to attend your event.
    • Use social media.
    • Tie it to a national event.
    • Use advertising banners to draw attention to your shop.
    • Attract people on foot with with a free drink and live music—in short, aim to create a memorable experience for your customers
  3. Design Is Important

    The design of your pop-up shop should reflect your business, both in terms of colours as well as the broader brand experience. Everything should be consistent, right down to your advertising banners.

  4. Collect Customers’ Contact Information

    The final step is to collect customers’ contact information (such as their email addresses) at your pop-up shop. These are great leads that you can use in the future to connect with targeted customers and keep them up to date with your latest offerings, announcements, etc. If you already have an online store, you can send them special offers and discounts to boost sales further.

If you are looking to set up a successful pop-up shop, consider Club Ink for your advertising banners. Club Ink has been serving leading marketing and ad agencies for more than three decades and can help you with all aspects of marketing your shop, from promotional items to banners to combination printing and more. Contact us today for more.

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