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10 Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business

Oct 23rd, 2015

Although digital marketing is de rigueur in today’s business world, the power of your advertising will double down when used in conjunction with other media.

Innovative Ways

So, yes, you definitely should set up and develop a search-engine-friendly website for your business (hello SEO!), post your profile/page on the many social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter), get yourself listed in the free search engine directories (like Google My Business), publish blogs, and participate in online forums/feedbacks peppered with direct or indirect promos for your business.

However, to really pack a punch in your marketing power, don’t forget non-digital media which can be quite innovative and hard-hitting.

  1. The usual business card – done unusually
  2. As you’re talking with a prospect, showing them your website might not be appropriate or timely. Instead, hand them your business card. If these are compelling enough, you will not only give the prospect your contact info but also leave a long-lasting impression about your company. Cards today can have wonderfully unique cuts and features, and because of sophisticated printing techniques, can become actual works of art.

  3. Mobile promotions (and not the ones that rely on iPhones!)
  4. Your car can be a vehicle (excuse the pun!) for promotion. You can either have your business name and contact info painted on the car, or you can use magnetic signs. Consider as well hiring a few people who drive a lot through busy roads to carry these signs for you.

  5. Volunteer to speak at events. There are all kinds of professional and social events within your community or communities you’d like to expand into— from trade shows and conferences to local business groups meetings. As a speaker you have a great opportunity to raise your business’ profile and make important contacts.
  6. Posters. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, decorate your walls with signs that inform and promote your upcoming events, product/service launches or company developments. As people come and go, or sit in the waiting rooms, they’ll get informed about your company’s latest offerings – either consciously or subconsciously!
  7. “Heavenly” promotions. Have an aerial banner made, and hire an aerial advertising pilot to fly it over events. This may be a bit costly, but the impact will be unforgettable!
  8. Sports and banners. Skating rinks that hold hockey games, and many sports arenas and baseball fields allow banners around the rink. If you watch sports on TV, you know yourself how memorable those ads around the rink are. Doing it locally you will, of course, give you a smaller audience than a televised game, but it will also cost you much less.
  9. Branded merchandise. People love anything free. Get some key chains, toys, pens, magnets, or other swag stamped or printed with your message on them and give them away. Freebies not only generate goodwill, but also ensure that your message is front and centre in the prospective customer’s everyday life.
  10. Other items you can use to print your advertising message on include clothes (t-shirts, hats, outerwear), food with customized packaging, shopping bags, and calendars.

  11. Register at expos and trade shows as a vendor. Attendance at these venues will create awareness of your company and enable you to make new clients. Strengthen the bond with them by giving them your compelling business cards or your branded merchandise.
  12. Donate Your Products or Services to a Charity. This is a non-digital type of viral promotion — nothing spreads the word better than goodwill. You’ll be doing something good for your community and getting the word out about your business at the same time.
  13. Partner up with a “business buddy.” To reach a new pool of prospects, try “buddy marketing.” Have another non-competitive company with a target market similar to your target market in at least a few aspects, include your promotions in their mail-outs or direct marketing packages, or other promotional efforts, and do the same for them. As they say, two heads are better than one!

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