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How To Customize Your Next Party

Jan 29th, 2016

If your birthday is coming up soon or you’re the event planner at your workplace – we have some really cool ways for you to customize your next party.

Customizing Your Party

Let’s start with party favours:

  • Craft Beer buckets – for parties with a more mature audience, a small selection of craft beers to take home and sample at the end of the night will be much more intriguing than a selection of sweets!
  • Message in a bottle – write little fortunes or notes and place them in small bottles with sand for a tropical or beach themed party. They’ll go great with the decor and are incredibly personal!
  • Movie night buckets – these are great ways to treat your friends, family or employees to a relaxing movie night. In the buckets include a bag of popcorn, glass bottles of soda and bon bons for throwback feel.

If the party is for children, the possibilities are endless – get creative! If it’s a holiday Christmas party for families, gifts tailored to the likes and interests of the child addressed from Santa will light the room with joy. You can make this extremely easy by getting all the boys a shirt with superheroes on it and all the girls a shirt with the Disney princesses on it, all with their names personalized on the back!

Next up the swag:

If you are planning a super sweet 16, fun 30, a family reunion, school reunion or a holiday staff party, you might be thinking of branded items. For instance, you might want water bottles, magnets, posters, stickers, or other take-home merch that has a personalized message or logo on it. When it comes to customizing an event, the options are endless!

Club Ink offers great promotional item printing services that will be sure to make your next event a terrific success.

Last but not least, the food:

Having the same foods that every party has won’t make it extraordinarily memorable.

  • Theme the Food: Think of incorporating cupcakes that match the colours of your party’s decor, cuisines of the country that your guest of honor is from, or even the speciality from a popular local restaurant.
  • Rent a Truck: Food trucks are without a doubt a favourite among party goers. From simple chip trucks to speciality taco trucks, there’s something to satisfy every tastebud.
  • Have a Sweets Table: Not every party is going to be a big bash that necessitates catering, but regardless of what kind of party you’re throwing, you should have something for people to munch on. A sweets table is a great way to keep the food low-maintenance while keeping everyone happy and full!

Customizing your party doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Simply think of the big three areas (favors, swag and food), and you’ll leave your attendees satisfied.

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