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How Can You Promote An Upcoming Event?

Oct 16th, 2015

Although digital promotion for events can be less expensive, so many marketers have swarmed this channel in recent years that having your message stand out in the crowd and be noticed is tough. Instead of trying to get seen through the massive amounts of online noise, consider some of the tried-and-true traditional ways of promoting an event – they are definitely making a comeback!

Promote Event

Direct results with direct mail. The cost for this type of promotion may be higher than emailing, but the response rate is worth the money — a 3.4% rate for DM versus 0.12% for emails, sent to an existing customer. There is definite added value in the physicality and immediacy of the printed piece received in a mailbox — it’s not as easy to dismiss or delete it as it is with yet another bulk email in a crowded inbox.

Mobile promotions (the old-school kind): Drive around in your car — or hire a frequent long-distance commuter — with custom car decals, bumper stickers or magnets promoting your event attached to it. Given today’s busy traffic everywhere, you’ll get plenty of eyeballs.

Remember the press release: If you’re a good writer, write one up or you hire a freelancer to do it, and send it to your local paper or a paper in the location where the event is to take place. If the event is exciting or has relevance to the community, the offline media will likely pick it up, plus you’ll also get exposure in their online editions.

Open the door with door hangers. Have some fun, imaginative door hangers printed and distribute them in the neighbourhoods with your target audience.

Make a big impact with wild posting. Blitz your target area with posters promoting your event—anyone passing by will not be able to miss the message.

Sneaky sticky notes. Leave sticky notes promoting your event in busy places like coffee shops or bars.

Branded donations. Print your event’s promotion on some inexpensive merchandise (pencils, bookmarks), and donate them to such well-attended places as the library.

Cross marketing—other events. Find out about other events taking place that are similar to yours or ones that will have the same kind of audience you are after, and try to come to a cross promotion agreement with their organizers. You can hang up posters or banners in their venues to promote your event, and do the same for them.

Cross marketing—organizations: If your event fits in with the goals of an association or organization, you can also seek out a cross promotion partnership with them. For instance, if your event is fundraising for an animal shelter, contact the local veterinary association for a partnership.

Keepsake flyers: Print promotional flyers that also offer something practical, like a calendar or some other useful information or feature a compelling, beautiful photo or graphic. It will likely end up somewhere much more public than the waste basket!

Billboards: The advantage of a billboard is that you can place it in an area of your target market. Billboards are usually placed along highways and busy streets, so your promotion will be seen by many. Plus people tend to travel the same route every day so your message will engrain itself in their minds, which will also play into another tried-and-true promotional channel: word-of-mouth!

There are endless ways to get the word out about your event, no matter how large or small. For more information on the available options, contact the Club Ink team today!

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