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Unique Custom Printed Promotional Products

Feb 25th, 2015

Are you looking into getting branded promotional products for your company or event? Pens, keychain lights, and those foam stress-relief balls are all fine choices, but they’re a little predictable and are often forgettable.

Custom Printed Promotional Products

We so often see a repeat of the same things over and over that companies often don’t realize how many other choices are available to them. You can have your custom logo or message printed on a variety of different promotional products that will be both practical and fun for the people you give them to.

Take a look at these new and innovative custom printed promotional products:

  • Cellphone cases
  • Phones are getting more and more ubiquitous with each passing month. A lot of smartphone owners use protective and decorative cases for their handsets, so why not get your image on them?

  • Smartphone wallets
  • These are one step up from simple phone cases. Slim wallet organizers that fit or stick to smartphones are a great way to keep your cards in one easy-to-manage location. Some even come with a built-in stand for propping up your smartphone on a desk for easy viewing.

  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers are a popular way to play music off of mobile devices. They are fun, useful, and easily portable.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Thin and soft cleaning cloths are really useful for keeping smartphone and tablet screens as well as eyeglasses clean and scratch-free. They also happen to be a great place to display your custom graphics!

  • USB backup chargers
  • Few things are as frustrating as a failing phone battery when you’re nowhere near a wall charger. Small and portable backup batteries are a great way to recharge your mobile device when you’re on the go! They’re super-useful and provide a handy platform for your logo.

  • Scratch-off desk calendar
  • These are fun little desk calendars where you can scratch off each day as it passes to reveal custom messages.

  • Water infuser drops
  • Delicious flavour drops for water bottles are all the rage these days. They turn regular bottled water into a yummy fruity beverage. With your logo on the drop container, people will be thinking of your brand every time they liven up their water.

  • Multi-purpose USB Pens
  • A pen is useful. So is a backup battery charger. Styluses certainly come in handy with touch screens. And USB connectors are always needed to connect our various devices. Fortunately, you can get all four of these items in one! Each use is another opportunity to promote your image.

When it comes to giving out products with your name attached, you want to go big or go home! The items don’t have to be expensive, but they should make a lasting impact. Think about your products as someone in the shoes of a consumer: If you were given this item, would you keep it or consider it junk? Use this as the deciding factor when deciding which promotional products you’re going to put your brand on!

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