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Unique Anniversary Gifts

Apr 21st, 2015

Weddings. Birthdays. Dating anniversaries.

It’s important to mark the calendar anniversary of the big events of our lives.

Unique Anniversary Gifts

But how do you recognize a special anniversary? At Club Ink, we think you should celebrate with something unique as the big event itself.

If you’re thinking about getting a unique anniversary gift for someone special in your life, consider these ideas!

A large-scale print of your wedding photo

The iconic shot of the bride and groom on their wedding day is perhaps one of the best ways to mark the anniversary of the day you started your lives together. And why limit your wedding photograph to the usual, small framed version that sits on a shelf?

Draw some more attention to your big day by getting the special wedding shot printed out on a larger-scale canvas size. You can use this larger wedding print in your home for an extra-special reminder of your wedding.

Sentimental notebook

Record your future memories while remembering the past with a special notebook or journal. You can inscribe yours with a message of your choosing tailored to the anniversary you’re marking.

Special stationary

If your significant other isn’t big on journaling but often jots down notes for themselves, a custom notepad with something as simple as your wedding date on the bottom is a subtle, yet romantic, reminder of your love.

Personalized vase

This is a gift of love that will nurture and grow. A vase custom-emblazoned with the initials of you and the person you love is a great anniversary gift to symbolize the beauty and growth of your bond.

Diary book for ticket stubs

Collect and memorialize the tickets from the special events you attend – from operas to concerts and even sports. This ticket book is a great anniversary keepsake to collect and also add to!

Personalized photo shoot

This one’s great for anniversaries of a couples’ first date. Have a professional photographer take portraits of you or you and your loved one, giving you the chance to not only make a memory, but to keep it forever!

To make this gift even better, consider going to places that are special for your relationship, such as the place of your first kiss or the church you were married in.

Customized portrait of your home

A house is not only a place to stay, but also a place where memories are created. For some, the day they moved in to their home with their loved one is extra special. Consider having an artist draw or paint a special and unique portrait of your home!

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