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Understanding power of logos

Nov 27th, 2014

There’s no way around it. Logos are powerful.

Companies around the world have spent fortunes seeking the perfect look for their rebranding, but money is no guarantee of success. Some of the most memorable logos come from humble beginnings.

Power Of Logos

So what is the secret of the perfect logo design? While there might never be a simple or complete answer to that question, it’s still important to explore and try to understand how logos work and what makes them tick.

Logos speak louder than words

A strong logo is more easily recognizable than names or descriptions of brands in text form. In fact, children from a very early age can accurately recognize major brand logos without any text present.

A strong logo is a flexible logo

The best logos transcend context and medium. They will work at any size and on any surface. When designing or choosing a logo, think about all the different places it could appear. Will it be distorted on a billboard? Or too intricate to decipher on letterhead?

Consistent colour selection is a vital part of good branding. But your logo should be able to stand on its own in other colours or grey scale contexts. Will it still be easily recognizable when it’s printed in black and white in a newspaper or from a home printer? What about with the dark and light colours inverted?

Simplicity and clarity

A highly intricate or complicated logo might look neat, but it will be harder for your potential customers to recognize when it is lost in a sea of competing visual stimuli. Clean and simple logos will stand out better as an easy-to-read signal amidst the noise.

Look towards the long-term

The hot and trendy logo design elements of today will look tired and cliché tomorrow. It’s always possible to update and modify your logo if your old one has not aged well. However, that will undermine any efforts to build lasting recognisability.

Therefore, it is important to get it right the first time, so that you can keep consistent branding that grows in strength. This can be very difficult to get right, but the extra effort pays off. Pay attention to the other logos in your industry and your neighbourhood, and take note of any repetitious or trendy design elements to avoid.

Deeper Meaning

Even if your logo isn’t an obvious depiction of your product, like a picture of a house for a home real estate broker, there should be some connection to the identity of your company. The meaning doesn’t need to be immediately obvious, but it helps seal the bond between you and your logo.

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