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Tips to Host a Successful Event With Custom Printing

Aug 26th, 2015

As the world becomes more digitized, the use of print is often overlooked by many businesses. This could have negative effects on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and the relationship-building that’s essential in today’s business world.

Printed Brochures

If you’re hosting an event, you’ll be more successful using custom printing as a fundamental part of your outreach and event activities. Successful businesses realize that the use of print isn’t going away. The ways it is being used is evolving, and understanding how to use custom printing gives you an edge over your competitors.

Promoting Your Event

The promotional campaign for your event determines its level of success. One of the most common and detrimental mistakes businesses make is relying on email and social media. These channels are effective, but supplementing your campaign with printed invitations lets you stand out in the eyes and minds of your target audience.

Use custom printed posters to help get the word out for your event. These will increase the number of attendees and can be used in unique ways that email or social media activities simply cannot. Printed materials add significance to your event. Email invitations and announcements can seem trivial and are easy to dismiss with the click of a button. Custom printing adds value and draws people into your message and brand.

Using Printed Materials at the Event

If your event involves the launch of a new product, you can provide guests with printed brochures that give them valuable information. Industries that deal in high-end or complex products generate more sales when they provide information in the form of printed brochures or white papers.

Customizing your brochures ties them into your brand and tailors it to your event. You can provide exclusive content that recipients may not find anywhere else. Use custom printed cards to provide takeaway items for your guests. This includes your business contact information or access to more resources on your business. You can use custom printing to create cards that are sent out to guests after your event. These can be used to thank them for attending or for nurturing leads. 

Why Print Works

Businesses that overlook print for the sake of relying on online channels reduce the impact of their marketing campaigns. Those who continue to implement custom printing for their business distinguish themselves from their competitors—something that all businesses are finding more difficult to achieve.

Printed materials are more alluring to customers. Having something physical and substantive helps them visualize the benefits of your products even more. You can use custom printing to host a successful event for your business. Despite the effectiveness of online channels, custom printing continues to be a powerful tool in promoting your business and staying connected with customers.

Use these simple ideas to make your next event more impactful, stand out among your competitors, and increase your long-term revenue.

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