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Rebranding? Time to Call Club Ink!

Jul 3rd, 2014

There are many reasons for a company to decide to rebrand. Sports teams, for example, have come under heavy fire in recent years for names which are now seen as not politically correct or downright offensive. Other companies – such as Blackberry, formally Research in Motion (RIM) – decide to rebrand in order to reflect a changing direction for the company.


Choosing a new name, however, is just the beginning of a long period of transition. In many cases a new logo will be required and this new look must be printed on all company stationary, vehicles, and advertisements. Companies such as sports teams must also consider that they will require new uniforms, jerseys, equipment, team buses, season passes, and tickets to events. A complete reprinting of all company materials and promotional materials will also be necessary.

To help your company through this potentially difficult transformation, Club Ink offers a great selection of signs, posters, banners, textiles, and decals all in one place so you can get the materials you need for your new brand. We also offer helpful rebranding services including:

  • Project consultation;
  • Short-runs and one-of-a-kind prints;
  • Cutting-edge technology;
  • Skilled installation; and
  • Express services for fast turnaround.

Tips for Rebranding

Recognizing when change is necessary is crucial to the success of your business. While rebranding may seem like quite the headache, it can be an essential step in staying in touch with the market, keeping your communications relevant, and appealing to your target customers. It requires a thorough understanding of your brand and an ability to recognize its strengths and weaknesses in order to identify what needs to change. Here are a few great tips to help your rebranding process go more smoothly and achieve greater success:

  1. Evaluate your brand experience: Start by asking yourself what your brand communicates and then try to identify the type of experience you want potential customers to have. Compare this to the real experience and looks for ways to improve upon it.
  2. Identify target customers: Knowing who you are trying to appeal to with your products or services is a key part of a successful company. Figure out what your customers want and need from you and decide how your new brand identity will address these goals. Evaluate whether you wish to focus on attracting new demographics, retaining old customers, or both. Identifying what your customers desire as well as what they expect from a company that can satisfy that desire is key to effectively communication.
  3. Make your brand distinctive: In a highly competitive market it can be difficult to stand out from your competitors without something unique to make you stand out. Express the personality of your brand through social media and your blog and engage with potential customers in orderto make your brand attractive and personal.
  4. Identify your competitors: Take a look at how your biggest competitors behave and represent themselves and consider how effective their strategy is and how you could improve upon it. Learn what you can from them and then deliberately create differences in strategy and brand personality in order to set yourself apart and gain a competitive edge.

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