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Promotional Items your Clients Actually Want

Sep 8th, 2014

Promotional items given away at marketing events can be a great way to increase your brand awareness and your customer base. But promotional items only actually promote your company or service if your clients will actually use them instead of discarding them immediately after the event. Producing useful promotional items is the key to continuing your successful branding.

Promotional Items

Promotional items must at the very least include your logo, but the amount of your branding depends on the item itself. A t-shirt, for example, is unlikely to be worn if it’s covered in your contact details. But a t-shirt with a cool image (like a stylized black and white line drawing of your city landmarks) and only a small logo is much more likely to be worn.

T-shirts, hats, bags

Printed textiles such as T-shirts and hats are great promotional items, which your clients will wear as mini mobile billboards if they are attractively designed. However if you choose to offer t-shirts, you should ensure that they are well-made. Promotional clothing which does not wash well, or which soon loses shape, reflects badly on your company.

Bags, too, can be printed with your design and your logo, and bags containing other promotional items are great for marketing events and conferences!


Stationary will always be used. Even a simple pen will help spread your brand and notebooks and calendars are also useful items. As with textiles, don’t just have your logo and company details. If the item is pleasing to look at, it is more likely to be used.

Calendars, while popular promotional gifts, may not be as widely used becausepeople generally receive many such items at the beginning of the year. Calendars are probably most likely to be used if your business produces unique eye-catching photos or designs. Keep in mind that calendars are widely used as a piece of home décor, so images that are appealing to a large audience are ideal.

Flip flops

Everyone wears flip flops in the summer, so why not produce some created in your company colours with your logo on the band? You can even get your logo cut out of the sole, so your clients leave a trail of branding as they walk along the beach!

Coffee mugs or sleeves

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day? Coffee mugs, or robust coffee sleeves, can display your logo as your clients enjoy their morning coffee.

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