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Printing not to be noticed?

Dec 23rd, 2013

Normally when a customer comes to us with a request to print a sign, or backdrop, the overall goal is to be seen and noticed by the customer. But when printing for the TV and Film industry we are often asked to make and install prints that hide original signs or backgrounds.,

Zoomer Wall Covering

We have all seen it, whether you know it or not. The impressive library of leather bound books in a Toronto based TV show is actually a inexpensive paper print. The shot of Times Square in NYC, with all of its signs and lights may actually be Yonge / Dundas Square we printed with temporary vinyl overlays and textile backdrops shot on a green screen and superimposed into the end result.

One recent example was a TV studio at Zoomer Media. Our customer had a studio that has two brick walls, and one painted block one.

The issue with this was that the lights were reflecting off the block on film. They wanted to duplicate the brick on the block wall, fast. They had a picture of the brick to print on “something”. Knowing textile absorbs light, thereby being a fantastic choice for a backdrop, I suggested a printed heavy knit print, stretched tight using velcro to cover over the block. The end result was a studio that looked so go that the staff didn’t even notice it was a faux brick wall.

This job can be very rewarding when the customer is happy with a sign that “works”, but every once in a while it is great to be congratulated for making the print not noticeable at all.

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