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Printing from Asia vs. Printing in Canada

Mar 7th, 2014

One time not too long ago, when you were looking for something professionally printed you really had only one option: have the work done here in Canada, or across the border in the U.S. However, with the increasing spread of globalization in goods, new options have opened up for those looking to make printing orders: buyers can now consider going overseas to Asia to have their needs met.

Printing Technique

And it’s not hard to see why ordering from Asia is increasingly being considered – the prices there are noticeably less than if the order was sourced from a Canadian printer, such as the experts here at Club Ink.

We’ve travelled to countries such as India, Vietnam and Cambodia and are familiar with the printing companies, methods and costs there. And cost is a big factor in their appeal. Take textile powerhouse Bangladesh as an example. There, a unionized textile worker now gets paid on average $80 – for an entire month of work.

Meanwhile, in Canada, statistics show that the average cost per manufacturing employee totals about half that ($37) for a single hour of labour, once you factor in wages, company-paid taxes, pensions, vacation pay, etc. Even if we here at Club Ink paid all our employees minimum wage, our work would still cost more before the end of lunch time than it would for an Asian company to work for a few months.

At Club Ink, we’re realistic about today’s printing market. We also know that we have strengths that we can offer because we’re located right here in Canada. We can tackle short-run orders, specialty production requests, and can turn around a printing order in no time at all.

We understand that for some buyers with huge orders totalling hundreds of yards of printing, the lure of cheaper Asian printing is too hard to resist. But remember, going overseas carries risks not found when ordering domestically, namely you usually must pay in full in advance, and won’t get to see what the product looks or feels like until it’s delivered.

At Club Ink we offer a more intimate kind of order fulfillment, where you can actually see the product (and its quality) as it is being printed. And when we do the job, we stand by it and are there for any follow-up questions.

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