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Most Memorable NBA Jerseys of the ‘90s

Oct 14th, 2014

No matter what you think of the ‘90s, it was certainly a memorable time for creative and colorful NBA jerseys. Between the bright fabric dyes and nearly-obnoxious fonts, they were definitely styles that broke the mold of traditional printing!

Whether you remember the final decade of the last millennium with fondness or chagrin, no one can deny that the NBA embraced the aesthetics of the time with these unique designs.

Vancouver Grizzlies, 1995-2000

Vancouver Grizzlies

Style in the ‘90s was all about large fonts and bright colors, and often it was a combination of the two! Teal was a common color choice and the Grizzlies liked it so much they used it on both their home and away uniforms. In fact, they so enthusiastically embraced the styles of the ‘90s that even today there are few images as iconic as Bryant “Big country” Reeves in his Vancouver teal!

Detroit Pistons, 1995-2001

Detroit Pistons

An even more well-known and much loved teal jersey was introduced by the Pistons in 1995 as they attempted to distance themselves from the “Bad Boy” image they developed in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. They were building a new team around their new cornerstone, Grant Hill, and developed these colorful and bold jerseys to capture the spirit of the era.

Toronto Raptors, 1995-1999

Toronto Raptors

At the team’s inception in 1995, the Raptors took their name from the impressively popular Jurassic Park franchise and designed their logo and uniform around a giant dinosaur. While insiders say they are currently work on a redesign meant to recapture some of the popularity of this design, it is unlikely to be as iconic as the original. One of the greatest dunkers in NBA history, Vince Carter, played some of his best games in this jersey and it retains great sentimental value for many fans.

Phoenix Suns, 1992-2000

Phoenix Suns

This early ‘90s rebrand of the Suns has long been associated with Barkley’s tenure and the team’s success – and eventual trip to the finals – in 1993. Widely viewed as the team’s best look, these jerseys capture the colors and boldness of the ‘90s perfectly! A new redesign released recently features a nod to this design, but doesn’t quite compare to the simplicity and bright colors of this logo.

Denver Nuggets, 1985-1993

Denver Nuggets

Recognized in some circles as the best NBA jersey of all time, this Nugget’s jersey featured a gold trim and a white skyline of the city over a bright rainbow. Both fun and colorful, it has long been associated with Alex English’s best seasons in the NBA.

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