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Measuring The Effectiveness of Your Print Advertising

May 21st, 2014

Print advertising comes in multiple forms. Newspapers, magazines and brochures are just of the mediums used to get your message out to the masses. But with so much print in circulation these days, how are we to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts?

Monitor Sales Data

Web-based marketing is often easier to gauge because much of the data can be analyzed through the number of page views. We can also see how long a user stayed on the ad before he/she clicked away to something else. With print advertising, the data is never laid out for you — unless you use supplementary tools to measure its effectiveness.

QR Codes

These special codes are a relatively new invention that allow people to “scan” information to their cell phones. QR codes can be found on retail signage, magazine ads, and even property “For Sale” signs. A marketer can effectively measure consumer interest by counting up how many times a QR code has been scanned by a potential customer.

Consider incorporating QR codes into your next print ad or custom signage. They can be used for a variety of interactive purposes:

  • Provide links to mobile websites
  • Connect consumers to free coupons and downloads
  • Provide more information on pricing, location, etc.

Coupon/Promo Codes

Entice potential customers by providing them with a coupon or promo code. For example, in your print ad include a line such as: “Get 20% off when you enter ‘TorontoSky’ on your next online purchase”. Whenever you see transactions made on your website with the promo code ‘TorontoSky’, you’ll know they got the information from your print ad.

Monitor Sales Data

Marketing experts say it typically takes one to two weeks for an impact in sales numbers after the launch of a print advertising campaign. Closely monitor sales in the days and weeks ahead to see if there’s a jump in data. If your numbers stay relatively the same as the months prior (or this time last year), then chances are your print campaign was not as successful as you had hoped.

Ask Customers

One of the best ways to measure success is through the good old traditional means: Ask your customers. Don’t be shy about inquiring how they heard about your business or what brought them to your establishment in the first place. Often times, they’ll tell you it was through a friend or perhaps one of your ads.

If your business also has an online component, embed a small questionnaire that asks how they heard about you. If ‘print ad’ is one of the top responses, you’ll know you’ve done something right!

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