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Ideas for Custom Sign Advertising

Aug 5th, 2014

We live in a world where signage is king. Our day-to-day life is in an ocean of signs. To really make a mark on customers, a sign today needs to be bold, innovative, and memorable. It needs to pop out from the background of competing signs and grab a customer’s attention. Among the ways a sign could accomplish this are:

Custom Sign Advertising

  • Sandwich board signs. Everyone expects a sign in a window or above a storefront. Fewer people expect a sign sitting on the sidewalk. Sandwich board signs are used by several Toronto businesses to great effect. A common tactic is to place a sandwich board sign near a festival or gathering, directing customers to a nearby business.
  • Tents. Do a lot of business outside? Slap your logo on tents, tarps, canopies, and whatever else you can find. They’ll be able to spot your brand from a hundred meters off. Or, make your storefront iconic by adding a logo or art to a cloth awning.
  • Backlit signs. Backlighting isn’t just for movie theatres anymore. An eye-catching and beautiful sign is easy to produce, and even easier to set up.
  • Vehicle decals. A vehicle is just a billboard that moves. Well, that, and a mode of transportation. Company cars can be decked out with decals advertising the brand. In some cases, decals may even allow you to write off car leases as a business expense. Just make sure you keep the road rage to a minimum while you’re driving your own logo around town!
  • Wall lettering. Vinyl and fabric self-adhesive letters can make your office or business look like it was custom-painted. If you ever wanted an office with the flair of Sterling-Cooper in Mad Men but without any of the cost overruns, wall lettering is a great option.
  • Floor art. Why waste floor space? Using decals and mats, you can turn any horizontal area into an advertising opportunity.

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