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How Your Digital And Print Media Can Work Together

May 9th, 2016

Gone are the days when digital and print media were two separate camps. The most competitive companies combine both strategies, and together they can create a reach that is far greater than either one by itself. But how do you do it? Here are some key ways in which digital and print media can be combined.

Digital And Print Advertising

Mention your website/social media in print

If your main point of contact with some customers is through print media, you can still make them aware of your online presence. Mention your company’s website or social media in the print material. In addition, make a call to action and ask the customers to “like” your content.

Personalise your service

Your print campaign is what captures the market you want. Once you have successfully transitioned them onto your online platform, you can tailor your product or service based on the information you gather about them online.

Give clear direction

When mentioning the company website in print, don’t just give the URL. Instead direct the target market to specific sections in your website where a visit is likely to convert into a sale. This is done by giving the prospect clear directions about what to do while demonstrating value throughout the entire process.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits have already been alluded to earlier, but there are many more benefits to combining digital and print marketing strategies.

Your company has a voice on many platforms, so naturally there is a much wider reach than those who simply stick to one or the other. Additionally, you use both active and passive strategies (print is considered to be passive while digital media is active). The passive strategy acts like a dragnet to capture as many people as possible, and once the “fish” are caught, digital media is what sorts out those who will be clients/customers.

Furthermore, you can build a relationship with those clients or customers. Relationships are just as important as sales. You want long term growth, so make sure that whoever says yes to your campaign continues to say yes. Once they see your content, they will also gain more exposure to your brand.

There is no doubt that combining both strategies is the best strategy. There should never be a debate between which is superior, and once you successfully combine the two your business will grow. If you need to boost your marketing campaign in either area, or would like more advice, contact Club Ink. Our staff can help you formulate a winning strategy for your business.

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