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Creative Advertising Ideas

Sep 29th, 2014

Creative advertisements can make a huge impression on potential customers, and are an essential aspect of any successful marketing campaign.

In order to see real success in a competitive market, it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile to capture the attention of potential customers. The best ideas are funny, very shareable, and unique. They are often the ones which surprise us with their cleverness or humor and make us want to tell someone about it.

Here are some great examples of clever advertising that can’t help but capture attention!

Giant Office Supplies from FedEx Kinkos

Advertising Office Supplies

These giant office supplies can’t help but grab the eye and really highlight the effectiveness of thinking outside the box.

The Naval Museum of Alberta

Advertising Naval Museum Of Alberta

This billboard makes perfect use of its location to really capture the imagination of those who see it. By lining up the pole with the periscope, it’s much more effective than a simple photograph and leads people to dream about what might lie beneath the surface.

Australia Post

“If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.”

Advertising Australia Post

A great play on words, the image is the perfect illustration to capture the intimacy of a handwritten letter. In an age of predominantly digital communication, it inspires people to return to more intimate and traditional communication and send a long, personal letter instead of a text or to-the-point email. With many “snail mail” agencies facing serious financial problems, it is a good way to revive interest.

“Don’t be stupid, protect yourself”

Advertising Condomshop

This series of ads does a great job of illustrating in a vivid and direct way the dangers of unprotected sex. By comparing condoms to essential protective gear associated with traditionally “manly” careers, it removes any stigma and encourages “real men” to suit up.

3M Security Glass

Advertising 3M Security Glass

This tempting bus shelter is sure to attract plenty of attraction but 3M knows nobody will get through their 3M Security Glass and their confidence likely prevents most people from even trying. Whether the money is real or not, their point has been well made and their brand strongly associated with an impenetrable barrier.

Guinness Road Signs

“The more you drink, the slower you react”

Advertising Guinness Road Signs

These clever road signs do a great job of demonstrating how drinking can affect the mind and make even the best drivers a danger on the road. The concept perfectly captures the confusion and extended processing time that occur when drunk and makes a powerful statement against drunk driving.

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