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Creating an Attractive Storefront

Dec 11th, 2014

Your business’ storefront is more than a stage for your product; it’s your best salesperson. It creates a first impression that will either repel or attract clientele.

Attractive Storefronts

A clean, pleasing storefront can increase your bottom-line and keep your customers coming back, so you don’t want to confuse passersby; you want them to get a clear understanding of what you sell and why they need it.

Whether you’re in a high-traffic area, in a shopping mall or in the middle of nowhere, having an attractive storefront can translate to big bucks for your business.

Getting people in the door is the first step to getting them to spend money on your services!

In order to get that coveted foot traffic, you’ll need to step up your storefront game.

Signs, Posters and Banners

A sign that clearly shows off your company’s name and what you do is a great way to get people to come in, look around and spend, spend, spend!

Tools like posters, banners and decals can help promote your product in a visual way. When people walk by your store, they’ll see your signage and understand exactly what you’re selling.


Make sure your products are displayed at eye-level. When potential customers walk by, you want them see what you’re selling without having to look up or down.

Moreover, use strong colours that are associated with your brand and match your company’s logo. If the colours in your storefront display clash, you’ll get onlookers shaking their heads, but you won’t get their money.


Make sure your hours are prominently displayed. Your store hours don’t need to necessarily be a part of the storefront, but they should at least be in the entranceway to your shop in close proximity to it.

Future clients, who walk by your store after hours and are intrigued by your storefront exhibition, will be more inclined to come back when you’re open if your hours are clearly displayed.


Having a storefront chockfull of your company’s logo and products might seem like a good idea, except you want to focus on showcasing the important stuff.

A clean and clutter-free storefront conveys the message that you are proud of what you’re selling. Only display your most popular products. For the most part, these are the products that people want, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be popular.

Club Ink can help you figure out which tools you need to create an attractive storefront. Remember, the more attractive your storefront, the more your customers will spend on your products and services.

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