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The Best Typography for your Prints

Dec 25th, 2014

The typography you use sets the tone for what you’re trying to say. It can be bold and declare that your company is the best in the business. It can be subtle and quietly say that you’ve had a new baby, or it can be loud let everyone know that you’ve welcomed a newborn into your family and you couldn’t be happier.


Typography brings forth your message clearly and in the way you want to say it. When receiving your wedding invite you want your friends and family to say, “This is so Gary and Jenna,” and not, “Was this really what Gary and Jenna wanted?”

It’s time to say goodbye to Times New Roman and hello to the best topography for your prints.

New Baby

You’ve got a new addition to your family and want to tell everyone. Myfonts recommends something in the Once family.

This font is playful and perfect for announcing a newborn’s arrival into the world. For birth announcements you want typography that’s fun and cute because babies are fun and cute.


Congratulations on your engagement! Let your friends know that you’re getting hitched with a font like’s Crestwood.

Typography like this is regal, elegant and semi-formal. A style like Crestwood will show that you’re taking your engagement seriously, but are also overjoyed by it.

Just Married

If you’ve just tied the knot, strap a Just Married banner to the back of your car with Myfonts’ Fenway Park JF.

A font like this one is cursive and festive, and nothing says wedded-bliss like a typography named after a ballpark. Okay, that last bit is a joke; however, a font like this is classic and never goes out of style.

Adverting Your Brand

Have your logo but not sure how present it with your tagline? It’s time to be creative and figure out how to best display your brand.

If your company produces goods and services, you might want to stick with a topography that reflects that. Dafont has their fonts broken down into easy to read categories, giving you a palate of ideas to inspire creative design!

Corporate Swag

From branding mousepads to T-shirts, company swag is a great way to interest future clients and reward your deserving employees.

Since your company already has its logo you’ll need to find typography that matches.

Common fonts for corporate swag are bold, like these from Dafont. They display your company’s message in a forward and inventive way, letting whoever sees it know exactly what your services are.

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