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The Best Colours to Make Your Posters Pop

Jan 27th, 2015

Your eyes are looking for colour. They want to be impressed. They want to say “wow” when they see a poster.

Best Colours

There are certain colours that are more effective than others when it comes to making your posters pop. In order to get that “wow” from your eyes, here are some things you’ll need to know about colour.

Don’t be afraid of white space

If you don’t leave space on your poster and jam the area with bright colours and too much information, the only pop you’ll have is the sound of someone ripping your poster off the wall. Having some white space on your poster will allow for readability.

Do not taste the rainbow

Unless you are creating a poster for candy, using every colour of the rainbow will not make your poster pop. It will look tacky and too many colours will clash. Consider the rule of threes and use the least amount of colours possible. Sometimes two or three colours can go a long way.

Come to the dark side

Dark colours show up better on a white background than light colours against a dark background. Staying away from primary colours such as reds on blues and reds on yellow is your best bet.

Keep it professional

No matter what your poster is for, it’s best for it to look as professional as possible. Instead of fooling with the PowerPoint’s colour wheel and making a poster that looks flat and uses contrasting colours, Club Ink can create your poster for you!

Remember that on your computer screen colours may not look as they will appear in print. It may look navy but it could print black. Take your idea to a professional to ensure it’s printed properly.

Avoid the fall

Red, yellow and orange, which are traditional fall colours, can overpower your message. These colours evoke a sense of warning or danger and unless you are making a poster to warn turkeys that they will soon end up on someone’s Thanksgiving table, you should avoid using these colours together.

Feeling blue is a good thing

Blues and greens are hues that can take your poster from drab to fab. These colours tend to go well not only together, but with muted tones of red and yellow. Pinks also match with shades of blue such as navy and powder blue. Green shades like mint and evergreen work well with blues too. If you stay in the blue family, you’ll have a poster that pops like a bag of popcorn.

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