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8 Different Uses for Textile Printing

Jul 21st, 2014

Textile printing is more advanced than ever. Digital printers can now dye crisp, beautiful, and easily adapted designs right into cloth. Anything you can put on paper, you can now also put on textiles. Here are some major uses our clients have found for printed cloth items.

Textile Printing

  1. Promotional clothing. Everyone loves a free t-shirt. It’s a perk of any job, club, team, or school. It is also a great way to advertise. Free t-shirts combine the best parts of signage and the best parts of brand ambassadorship. Like signage, they increase brand name recognition. Even better, they turn any wearers into brand ambassadors. A printed t-shirt or hat starts a lot of conversations about work history, product preference, etc. These conversations provide a ton of marketing, and all for the low cost of a printing.

  2. Banners. Cloth lasts much longer than paper. If you want a long-lasting sign that will survive years of rain and sun, print it on canvas. This is especially useful for outdoor signage.

  3. Table Skirts. At a convention booth, every inch of space counts. Print your logo on your table skirts to make an instant billboard.

  4. Car Covers. You may already have put your logo on your company vehicles, but why not also print it on your car covers? That way, your car is truly advertising for you 24/7.

  5. Canopies. Setting up a display on the sidewalk? Make it look like a pro planned it with canopies emblazoned with your logo.

  6. Backlit Signage. Fabric makes a more attractive backlit sign than plastic. Fabric diffuses the light attractively, instead of just blocking it. Backlit fabric makes for attractive and long-lasting storefront signage.

  7. High-Quality Art Printing. Fabric is a good choice for a printing surface for art. It lasts longer, looks crisper, has less glare, and has more vibrant colors than paper. You know how the best paper has a high percentage of cotton fibre? Pure cotton is even better.

  8. Self-Adhesive Fabric. Self-adhesive fabric can be used to decorate a wide variety of surfaces. A common use is to cover an entire wall, floor to ceiling, with a piece of art. Instead of repainting, businesses can simply put up and take down fabric when they want to mix up the art.

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