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7 Reasons to Print your own Shirts

Nov 18th, 2014

Not everybody has printed their own shirts, but the number of great opportunities and uses for custom printed shirts might surprise you. Company retreats, bachelor and bachelorette parties, school events, family reunions, summer camps, and sports teams- the list goes on and on.

Printing Custom Shirts

Of course, we’re not talking about printing shirts just for the sake of printing shirts. There are lots of inspiring reasons to include custom shirts when planning your next big event!

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Customized shirts for your event or group are a nice combination of casual attire and team uniform that can bring people together in a fun and simple way.

  3. Promotion and advertising
  4. If your event is related to a business, organization, or cause that you want to promote, then custom printed shirts are a great way to raise awareness and get your name out in the public eye. Got an awesome logo? This is your chance to show it off!

  5. Easy identification
  6. Sometimes you’ll be organizing an event, like a school trip, where your group will be passing through crowded places with lots of other unrelated people. Having a common shirt design helps people who are not already acquainted with each other know who is in their group or event. When participants might not know who to approach and talk to, an easy-to-spot shirt helps bridge the gap.

  7. Safety
  8. This is related to the previous point: easy identification in the case of an emergency. If your event involves children, it’s a good idea to have a distinct colour or design for the adults supervising them. That way, if they need assistance or get lost, it will be easy for you to spot them and for them to spot you.

  9. Event organization
  10. If you need to keep different groups or teams easily distinguishable from each other, custom colour coded shirts are a great way to go!

  11. Souvenir value
  12. Custom printed shirts make fun souvenirs or party favours after an event is finished. Bonus keepsake value: bring some permanent fabric markers, and your participants can sign each other’s shirts or draw on them!

  13. Personalized shirts
  14. Custom printed shirts don’t always need to be for a big group event! There are lots of personal reasons to get shirts printed as well. They’re a stylish way to express your own design ideas, and they also make unique gifts for friends or family.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting custom printed shirts, they’ll add a flare and value to your event unlike anything else. Explore your printing options with Club Ink and see how we can take your event to the next level!

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