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5 Ways to Make Your Poster Stand Out

Aug 18th, 2014

Posters are fantastic ways to showcase your message in a way that’s so appealing, it becomes a work of art. Here are some design tips to make your poster stand out from the crowd.

Stand Out Poster

Keep it simple

The best, most memorable posters are simple with a clear message. Your audience must be able to understand what you are saying, offering, or selling. People generally aren’t interested in having to solve a visual riddle to figure out the purpose of the poster.

The mood you choose, whether it be serious or funny, depends on your product or service. This relates to your branding, as well. A funny poster for a serious service can be jarring to readers. Always keep who you are trying to appeal to in mind – Audience analysis is key in the planning stage of poster design. If you can, show early mock-ups to focus groups. Do they understand the message? Are they enticed to read the whole poster? Would they purchase the product or see the event it’s promoting?

Use colour wisely

Don’t overuse colours. Using your main business colour will help improve your branding, but you don’t want it to get lost in a rainbow of other colours. If you use a vibrant image, keep all your type faces in a single colour. Make sure the type colour contrasts well with its background. Often black or white type works best on a coloured background.

Or for even more contrast, have a bold, black and white poster with just your logo in colour.

Use few fonts

One or two fonts will be sufficient for most posters, but make sure your heading is large enough to be read at a distance. Use font size to emphasize the relative importance of the information, with the most important information being the largest.

Choose appropriate fonts for your message! Sans-serif are often the easiest to read at a distance, which allow your posters to be relevant to a wider audience. Artistic, hand-written fonts can add the illusion of art, but they are rarely appropriate for anything business related and are often associated with party invitations.

Plenty of white space

Arrange your elements pleasingly, with plenty of white space. Balance your type with your image. Negative space is essential for an impactful and memorable poster. Always remember that less really is more when considering design! Your readers won’t take in your message if you have too many words, special offers, or general written content.

Choose a powerful image

The last, and maybe most important, tip is to use a powerful image as it’s likely going to be the focal point of your poster. Simple images, such as a single car, animal, or person, with a paler background are particularly effective, and leave ample room for your headline and other details!

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