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5 Tips for Creating Eye-catching Concert Posters

Jan 6th, 2015

Your band is about to blow up. You’re playing your first show and you need to create posters so people know to come see you rock out.

Eye-Catching Concert Poster

You may be the next Rolling Stones, but without an eye-catching concert poster, no one will know where you’re playing!

Here are five tips for crafting the most awesome, totally rad, concert posters:

  • Use minimal words
  • The‘less is more’ approach will give your potential fans the information they need without confusing them. Your poster should contain, the time of the show, date, name of the band, price of entry, venue information and the names of any opening acts.

    Also, watch your font. You will need to capture people’s attention in a short time. If you use a font that is muted or cursive in nature, it may be hard to read.

  • Keep it simple
  • Building off the theme of minimal words, you should also use simple design. Your band’s logo and name is all you need.

    Using intricate, complicated design is great for your album cover, but your goal with this poster is to get people to see you play live. If someone on the street sees your poster and is confused by the difficult, elaborate design, they will be less inclined to pay money to see your band shred.

  • Find the focus
  • Who you are is the most important part of the poster! The name of your band and logo should be promptly displayed to ensure that it is the focus of the poster.

  • Size matters
  • The rule for concert posters is, the bigger the better. You can make flyers that are basically mini versions of the posters to hand out, but if you’re really trying to get someone’s attention, go big or go home.

  • Thou shalt not steal
  • You have musical influences. You respect the work of other musicians so much so that you decide, “Hey, I’ll just create my band’s poster to look like theirs.”

    This is never a good idea.

    You may think that because you’re an indie band from Mississauga the Strokes will not find your poster, think again. In the digital age, there is no hiding.

If you follow these steps to create an eye-catching concert poster, it will be Instagrammed, tweeted and Facebooked enough times that eventually it will make its way to the band you’ve ripped off and you could get sued. Don’t end your musical career before it starts.

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