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4 Ways To Customize Your Bedroom

Dec 4th, 2014

You spend at least eight hours in your bedroom daily, and although most of it is spent sleeping, it can be exasperating to stare at the same catalogue décor as you get dressed for work.

Customized Bedroom

If you’re tired of your bedroom furniture and are even more tired than your wall colour, maybe it’s time to customize your space?

Whether your looking for a fresh start in your sleeping room or you’re moving into a new place and want the boudoir to be the most exciting room in the house, here are four ways to customize your bedroom.

Cover your walls

With a custom-built wall mural, you can turn your boring walls into dazzling works of art.

You can pick any picture your want, any theme and have it turned into a fun and stylish mural.

Murals are also a great way to showcase your personality. Do you like animals? Monster movies? Photography? Classic books? Surrealist art? You can turn pretty much anything into a wall mural.

Customize it

Remember when you were a kid and your bedrooms walls were lined with posters of your favourite athletes and movie stars? Who says you can’t do that today?

Instead of that Michael Jordan poster, how about one of your family? In lieu of that Nirvana poster, you can put up one of your favourite beach.

Like the custom murals, you can also customize posters with your own photos and prints. From your University degree to ticket stubs, you can have anything copied onto a poster or blown up and turned into a poster.

Get sticky with it

Decals are a great way to turn your favourite moments into tangible mementos. You can have removable decals made into any shape and size, so they can be placed just about anywhere in your bedroom!

You can also stick decals on furniture, like a dresser or bedside table.

An ode to your T-shirts

Like in professional sports when an athlete’s jersey is retired, you can retire you favourite tees.

Instead of hoisting them into the rafters in a teary-eyed ceremony, have them framed! When that Batman T-shirt you’ve had since the third grade starts to fall apart, frame it and mount it on your wall.

Your bedroom is yours. Don’t be afraid to have your personality front and centre!

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