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4 Facts About Sublimation Printing

Oct 30th, 2017

One of the superior means of printing today is sublimation printing. Sublimation printing has also made digital texting printing possible, a trendier form of advertising that involves printing high-quality images onto various fabrics. This has made it possible for businesses to expand their branding elements into things like curtains, tablecloths and more.

Sublimation printing is highly touted because it uses a cutting-edge scientific method to deliver extremely crisp images when compared to other printing methods. There are a wide variety of benefits associated with this printing method. Below you will find a list of four very significant facts about sublimation printing.

Sublimation Printing

  1. It Uses Heat & Special Solid Ink

    Sublimation printing is very different from other common means of printing that are being used at the moment. The process uses a solid ink instead of the liquid ink used in inkjet or laser printing. The solid ink is heated and imprinted on the desired product. The solid ink is turned directly from a solid into gaseous vapors, which work their way onto the item. This means the entire image is transferred as is instead of being reduced to tiny dots that are then printed onto the product.

  2. It’s Better for the Environment

    Sublimation printing is also better for the environment. This is largely a result of the method of printing outlined in the previous point. Other methods of printing involve a liquid stage. This requires a much more significant amount of water when compared with sublimation printing, which uses very little. Sublimation printing produces very little waste in comparison to other methods.

    Additionally, because of sublimation printing’s unique method of using solid ink, the amount of ink used is much less than that used in other methods. Overall, the waste produced and materials used are minimal when compared with other popular printing methods.

  3. You Have Power of Complete Customization

    One of the major benefits of sublimation printing is that no plates are required. No permanent materials need to be created in this process. Because of this, consumers have the ultimate level of customization, which can all be done digitally. If you want to print 10 items with a certain slogan, then print 10 more with the same picture but a different slogan or even a single word changed, you can do it without any hassle whatsoever!

  4. Results Are Fast

    Finally, sublimation printing is extremely fast. Often, sublimation printing can be produced within the same day or even the same hour.

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